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I just finally finished this today after feeling obligated to and felt that it was a game that did a lot of things good, but nothing great.  The controls were pretty dismal except for shooting on-foot or while "riding shotgun" which were highly enjoyable.  The story to me was, again, just good and not great.  Had the story been condensed a bit, it may have had a better impact, but the game was about 1-2 hours long in each of the three "chapters."  I'm not saying that content should have been eliminated, it just should have been shuffled away from the storyline.  Also I have no idea why people felt this ending was "amazing."  Nice title card placement, but that's about it.  I do appreciate the western setting, some of my favorite films are westerns, and I hope to see another Red Dead something, but overall this was just a mediocre game to me.

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My excitement for this game has been building since it was announced.  Today I was considering another run-through of Oblivion, to do the few things I missed the first time around, or possibly trying out Morrowind, but I heard that's a pretty different game.  Either way I didn't know this was coming up in Game Informer and I'm excited to check it out.

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This isn't exactly an issue with the writing, but the 1up review of Gears of War is the perfect example of why there shouldn't be review scores.  I think the review text is totally valid and again I have no issues with the writing, but you can't complain about multiple aspects of the game and then give it a perfect score.

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Decided to pre-order this today.  I haven't imported anything in about three years, but I have insanely high hopes for this game.

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@l4wd0g: If you or someone you know is going to PAX East or Prime, and that's assuming they'll be playing both again this year, they sell, or should I say sold, vinyls of Dawn Metropolis there.  Soo...that's a possibility.  
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Those are both great.

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Looks like I'm going to be vote #3 for Peep Show.  Also whenever anyone picks The Office, I'll assume the UK version, as I attempted watching the US version three times and did not enjoy it at all.    

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@sterbacblu: That's quite an interesting insight. I agree that the decision is a very personal one, and your decision sounds as if it worked out for you. Did you ever have your doubts about selling all those things? That's the main thing that's preventing me from reaching a decision, I'd say. "
Absolutely I had my doubts.  I mean essentially you're going from one way of life to another.  Like I said my main issue was being able to continue playing those games, which is completely doable, without having piles of plastic sitting around gathering dust.  Even the NES hadn't been working properly for years, but I was still lugging it around with me, as if I'd lose those memories of opening it the first time by pawning it off to someone else.  It wasn't a quick decision, though.  I used to keep every game console I had hooked up to my TV at all times.  That was 11 consoles.  I'd use them off and on, but it would get to the point that it was just more convenient to use other methods of playing those games. Also none of those consoles look good running through coax or RCA cables into an HDTV.  After my most recent move, I didn't hook them up once.  They just sat in a corner, on display, almost museum like.  If you ever watched the show Co-Op you can probably picture what I'm talking about. 
However I have zero plans to get rid of my current gen gaming stuff.  Gaming is still a huge part of my life and that's not going to change soon.  One reason that's easier to maintain is because of digital distribution.  About 40% of my games exist digitally somewhere, with no physical media.  The rest are on discs, which, again, as I've mentioned elsewhere on the site, fit in a nice little case that sits under my couch.  I don't have a space concern, it was just an issue with junk and how I wanted to eliminate it.  
So to break it down as simply as I can, my main issues with keeping the stuff is that I move a lot and was sick of moving it around, it wasn't serving a purpose anymore because I had a better way of playing all those games, and for me personally it was just part of a process of trying to live a little simpler and get rid of stuff I didn't need.
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" I never went to prom as it was completely stupid and pointless just like any other school related function, but still had a great time at our anti prom party that was unsupervised and had booze.  
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When I saw this topic the first thing I thought of was "It'll probably be multiplayer stuff" but everyone has some great ideas here, like the self-contained story, or the epilogues, or something leading into a new trilogy.