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Yep, came out of the blue, I guess Almost Human decided to spend all of the budget in development rather than marketing. Unfortunately some really good games came out, and a few more are on the way, so people have their gaming schedule full.. But you know what, I bet this game it's gonna sell eventually, and since they are a private company without a publisher or shareholders, they probably are not too fret about hitting an arbitary sales number by the first week/month of release.

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Although we need a right game to come along for this, more video spoilercasts like they did with Bioshock Infinite.

And a video of Dan Ryckert eating a salad.

And a Johan Sebastian Joust marathon, with lots of alcohol and David Lang.

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I saw this a long time ago, highly recommend it, I wish there were more self contained anime movies like this one.

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I don't care if ten monkeys got together and made a videogame. I'd still play it if it was good enough.

Yep, I believe that's how Divekick was created and it turned out great.

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I think Sonic Mayhem did a much better job with the Quake II soundtrack, so if anyone should make the new Doom soundtrack it should be them.

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Frailty. The movie was OK until the finale came out blasting and turned it into a great one. Highly recommend it, hell it has Bill Paxton in it, what more do you want?

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@agentboolen: Yes, but since I already have some decent headphones I would prefer to get a bluetooth receiver.

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For me the best thing that the PS4 has is that you can plug headphones directly to the controller. This is a ridiculously useful functionality and I want to find a way to replicate that with my PC. Currently I am using my phone as a receiver through an app called Wifi Audio but the sound quality is rather poor. Does anyone have another solution for this? Can you recommend any alternatives such as other android apps, or any bluetooth audio receivers with rechargeable batteries?

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Ye sure, add me as well, my PSN ID is

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I was thinking of getting on the PS4 but the PC version is currently £25 on Amazon so i'll go for that.