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@lestephan: Aw man, that's a bummer, thanks for letting us know!

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It would be great if someone who bought it can confirm this. The thing that ruined this game for me for 2033 was that when you switched to the Russian VO was that the subtitles would only show for the main characters.

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Please add me as well my psn id is hatzipiklas

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I think roguelikes are the closest we are going to get nowadays in having an authentic arcade experience, where games were bastard hard and there was little room for error. Sure you can keep feeding an arcade machine money to keep going but if you were a kid then you would be lucky if you had enough money for 5-10 credits (at least in my experience). So the only alternative to being loaded with cash was to get really good at a game, good enough to finish it with one credit, and the buzz you got once you managed to go through a game from start to finish just with one coin was pure euphoria. Compare that with what you do with roguelikes, and you can see the similarities.

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The only reason for a price drop this early would have been if the console was impossible to move from shelves, so don't expect a price drop anytime soon. However, I managed to get a second hand from Amazon for £245 with Killzone, so you can probably find a good deal if you are willing to buy used.

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Despite the fact that I found the last two volumes disappointing, Berserk is the best manga I have ever read. the story is great and the artwork is downright mindblowing, I don't think any other manga artist was able to take the limitations of black and white and turn it into their advantage. It's a shame that neither the games or the anime managed to reach the levels of quality of the manga.

And damn, now that you mentioned Demon/Dark Souls and Berserk, I can see alot of parallels between the two, the dark oppressive world, the bleakness and general lack of hope, even the way Guts is on the receiving end of some major punishment while fighting ridiculously large adversaries where every victory is won by the skin of his teeth.

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@vahleticar said:

I think it looks great if you don't sit too close to the screen and I had a lot of fun playing it. I'm playing on 360. Yeah, there's kind of nothing on the new consoles right now

Yeah, aside from looking a bit muddier the 360 version holds up really damn well. The game is an absolute blast either way; went from apathetic as hell to planning on a day one purchase over the course of an afternoon.

Yep, on the same boat here as well, wasn't really interested until I played the beta.

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I played the beta on my PS3 and I really enjoyed it, so much so that I'm convinced that the game is still fun even when played on last gen hardware. Sure the PS4/XONE version looks much pettier, but I'm still wary for shelling out £350 for new consoles whose libraries are still lackluster.

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Will this be on 360/PS3 as well?

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Lets see, 5 min walk, 20 min train ride, 5 minute walk again, 5 minute train ride, 10 minute walk so it's 45 minutes altogether, which I guess it's pretty acceptable for London standards. On the way back I usually take more time to catch a later train so I can get a seat.