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I was just looking, and it seemed to be full. I ended up making "Giant Bomb UK 4" if anyone wants to join, I want to get the club cars and I'm interested in those challenge trophies. I had some person randomly join as soon I created it, so I can kick him/her out if any GB person wants in (assuming it gets full).

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Not sure what the current plan team looks like or if there's room, but I'd be up for the raid tonight (1am GMT / 6pm PST).

I've got multiple characters lvl 28-29. I've done the raid once before, though I was led through it pretty quickly and still don't have a good sense for it. I've gotten cheesy with Atheon a few times so I'm much more familiar with the boss section (never really used the relic though).

PSN ID: steven_crockett

Quite likely I'll be available for the 5pm GMT run on Sunday, but can't commit to it.

Also, thanks for putting this all together and organising things.

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I might be able to join. I did the raid earlier in the week for the first time, but was mainly led along so I still don't have a good sense of all the mechanics. That was with a level 28 hunter. I've got a Sunslinger Warlock which I'd like to get to level 27 by tomorrow if possible (currently 26) which hasn't done the raid this week (and so I can get loot). Despite the lowel level, I've been focusing on upgrading my weapons since the first time I did it so they should be better for the job.

I'm in the UK. PSN: steven_crockett

EDIT: I'm unexpectedly busy today and so I'm not quite sure if I'll be home in time for 8. You may already have enough people sorted out already. In any case though, add me and I'll be happy to join when I'm available if anyone doesn't show up or leaves early. It may be the case though that I can make it in time to begin with anyway.

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I'm up for doing the raid tonight (tuesday). I haven't done it yet, so I would prefer being with other first timers. I suppose I'm just worried about being in a situation where someone is dictating what each player should be doing before we've had a chance to get a feel for it ourselves; it would seem like a disservice to myself given that it's supposed to be some of the most interesting content in the game.

I'm a level 28 hunter. I'm in the UK but stay up far too late these days so the timezone isn't really an issue for me. PSN ID is steven_crockett.

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I'm also looking to do the raid. I'm a level 28 hunter. PSN ID is steven_crockett.

I'm in the UK, though I have a tendency of staying up pretty late these days so I can probably play with US folks too. I haven't done the raid before, so preferably I would like to do it with some other people in a similar situation and go in fresh. Ultimately though, I'm happy to team up with whoever and get it done. I'm also up for starting it within the next few hours if anyone is interested.

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@zevvion: Excellent. Sounds good. When do you want to do this then? I'm free any time this evening if you want to get it done today.

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Also have the bounty and want to get it done. Level 28 gunslinger here. Playing on PS4 in the UK. I'll add both of you if you don't mind.

My friends don't have PS4s, so I'm looking for more people to play with really. If we get some people together I wouldn't mind doing harder versions of the weekly strike, or even trying the nightfall (it may be too hard, though I've heard there's some exploit for the boss fight).

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The king is dead, long live the king!

Always appreciated your work Dave. Glad you'll still be around. Enjoy your dadliness. WIsh you all the best going forward.

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Can't be more excited. GTAIV was a disappointment for me. Not much fun to play. I want to get back to San Andreas and this looks fantastic.

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Importantly, some of the source code has to be destroyed too. It makes me wonder about the preservation of video games. Regardless of their quality, it's a shame.