Todays word of the Day

is.... Loins

Definition: The loins are the sides between the lower ribs and pelvis plus the lower back.

My interpretation?

Is a pretty funny word that is currently aching after a grueling table tennis tournament. I'm telling you, this guy had one mean serve...
Anyway, what's your guy's interpretation of the word?


History Channel

Today I watched a two hour special on comedy and its origins. It was primarily about the different social elements that arise from telling jokes. Racial stigmas, sexist bashing, and all other taboos that are typically presented during a comics routine. The comics that were interviewed were carefully chosen to provide both insight as well as entertainment to move the flow of the show along. Lewis Black as always was a great host, and I actually might go see him in Berkeley next month. I dunno but jokes are hitting the spot right now. Probably gonna watch some more stuff on the Tube later...


Pending Subs

Earlier today , I have been experiencing connection problems with the site.
error 500, and 502, but I was also editing at the same time. On my profile it says it got through, some are pictures,
and others are concepts. why have they not been accepted or denied. Hmmmm..... hope nothing tweaked on me.


Sex on the Beach

This site is like, (mentioned in the title), sex on the beach. Easy, fun, and so far the community
has been very helpful and polite. At least it has been for me...Love the editing and the overall design.
Clean UI. Whoo!


Must throw a "Current-gen" fireball

Can't wait to play with all you guys online.
I as many others, am a huge street fighter fan, but the console versions have not been worked on yet.
The wait is killing me. Who wants to 3rd strike in the meantime? say around 7pm pacific time on Saturdays. Need
to see more people on that game...

Also, congrats on the site launch guys