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Unappealing news, indeed. Keep it up, Steve, these are always awesome.

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Love it

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BOOM- john madden

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Wait, the chief is dead? 

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Just awesome!

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What bombcast is this from?

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Thank you @Lemon: These are great.

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That last frame will give me nightmares

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These have been really helpful because I haven't listened to a full Bombcast since about August.

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I love these, please keep making them!

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That picture of Jeff with the big eyes haunts me every time I see it...

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Shouldn't that be "John Madden Butterball"?

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Audio-Skipping Brad Heads are TERRIFYING. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

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I gotta catch up with these. They're awesome.

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Amazing. Simply gold.

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I always look forward to these. Great job, Lemon.

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Shaking hand is very realistically shaky.

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Brad scares me.

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These are still fun to watch, keep it up.

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You NEED to do one of the "Executable" discussion in the latest bombcast. Use Will's Cum Face.


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How did you get the Bombsquad to travel to all those locations to shoot that amazingly high-quality video footage? Even the costume rentals must have cost a fortune, not to mention all those turkeys you surely purchased for the shoot.

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These are great.

I'd love to see the conversation about Will's pronunciation of "Executable" made into one of these videos.

That and the internet video conversation when they started to talk about Skullgirls.

On second thought that one might be a bit too graphic.

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turducken were made in New Orleans. thats where madden discovered them.

go saints giantbomb kicks ass

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@Harkat said:

You NEED to do one of the "Executable" discussion in the latest bombcast. Use Will's Cum Face.