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i can understand and agree with some of the comments about this game, but i kind of feel like most of the comments are related more to the fact that you we not in the mood for the game.  for me, at least, to really enjoy a game i need to be in the right mood for it.  just like how i need to be in the right mood to really enjoy a comedy movie.  thoughts...         
  sorry about the lack of caps, apparently on my phone caps and alt keys dont work.

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@Akrid said:
" I refuse to have anything to do with the prequels. "
On principal or just based on how much the star wars prequels sucked ass?
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Thanks for the tip, but I don't have the DLC, so I guess I'll have to play the game like a normal person....Darn it!

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I can see I'm out numbered.  
Perhaps I feel this way because I buy so many games and I cannot get all of them day one, but I follow the industry so close that I usually know about these bonuses and I am sad I miss out.  I can understand why companies do it, but I wonder if anyone feels the same way I do, or if a majority of people think that the studios/publishers are justified?

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Hello everyone!
 Thanks for reading this.
I would like to talk about pre-order bonuses today.  
I think they are a sham, I don't think there should be a lack of content for those who purchase the game new but not necessarily on the launch day.  This seems to only reward the zealots of the product and punish the ones that don't know about your product, or weren't interested until the reviews come out.  I much prefer the mass effect 2 approach where if you buy the product new you get extra content but if you buy it used you have to buy into that extra content.  I know that mass effect 2 used pre-order bonuses as well but those just extra suits and such, not as big a deal as access to their ciberus network.

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 @sammo21:   OH NO!  I'm my own worst enemy!   
I must have typed too fast to make my point clear.  What I was saying is that these pre-order bonuses have gotten out of control.  I realize that my $5 dollars goes towards the game price, but that fact remains that if I don't put down money now I loose out on part of the experience.  I think that I shouldn't loose out on some experience just for waiting a week or two to see what the reviews are before I buy a game at the full price.  I understand the incentive for a studio to try to reduce the used game purchases, that is why I'm more in favor of what mass effect did, where if you buy the game new you get extra content otherwise you have to put more money in.  This seems more fair to me than pre-order bonuses.  What do you think?

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Why are developers doing I have to pay 5 dollars @ gamestop so I can get the DLC for free, or I have to pay them money on day one to get something that should be free!?  This mappack better become free after a month or so, but I never seen any studio do that so I'm not going to hold my breath.

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You HAVE to play ME2, even if you haven't played the first one.  The game is such a good experience that it stands by itself.  Besides the PS3 version has a interactive comic that will catch you up.  Look at the quick look on the site to see what to expect.
Have fun!

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ME2 has quickly become my all time favorite game, except for the planet scanning.  UGH!
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I already bought gears  for $10, I could see paying $30 for 2 and all the DLC.  Not a bad deal,

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