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every thing about e3 was good except for no quake 5 announcement ... WTH >< coome on gimme quake 5 arena w/ built in rocket arena just remake quake 3 basically with current graphics idc.

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not enough boobs ... hte witcher series set a precedent for boobs and witcher 3 was a huge let down. back to playing artificial academy 2.

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ah yes 2.5d and mighty no 9 creator two things that I want in my castlevania 2015

miriam seems cool , and is an amazing musician who released a CD called "when beauty is invisible" in 2007 ...

this could very well be amazing because we need a castlevania 2015, but it is so hard to get behind something with no screenshots and just concept art at this point

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Woop woop here comes da police

Woop woop here comes da police

Woop woop here comes da polic

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@perfidioussinn: I would be so pissed if I bought titanic to torque one off and they took kate winslets boobs out.

Are you for real??

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Great trailer! Wow. I am more of a mortal kombat fan but in 1992 (or whenever it came out) my parents bought me street fighter 2 and a SNES. That is how my SNES journey started no mario world or any junk like that - frickin street fighter 2. I loved the game but after all the iterations of SF2 I got bored of it and played mortal kombat for years and I still consider it a better game. I really enjoyed killer instinct and would enjoy the newer versions of killer instinct if I had an xbox but I still think MK is the best fighting game franchise.

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Hey guys, I got an idea ... let us make less money.

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Do they NOT GET THE HINT? No one really likes these games! Unless I can be a pretty girl in some crazy psychedelic world I don't give any more fucks about this terrible franchise which has ruined my wallet too many times.

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Give them the benefit of the doubt. If they truly expect this to be 10x better with a good size population then let them put their money where their mouth is. Just hang out, and see if it is any good, and if it isn't then you can throw shade but for now just let it be.

I am pretty stoked for this game.