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It really needs not be said but computer gaming is the past, the present, and the future. It will always be the best way to play video games and I'm sorry I work 10 hour shifts and spend the rest of my time at home in front of a computer I don't have time to pull out a mobile device which looks worse and is a strain to play when I have better controls and superior graphics on a larger monitor with the sharpest fidelity. It is a no-brainer. I'm glad people have the means to play mobile games on long commutes and such in large cities (I'm in Las Vegas) who benefit from them but if you have a good PC you will never miss any other form of gaming.

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I don't get this. Giant bomb is my favorite site and I have learned to like every editor (I used to abhor Patrick or Alex on quick looks, now I have learned to accept and enjoy all people's input). What I do not understand is the consistent needling to state that this is not a relevant franchise in the year 2014, or additionally what was heard before was "why not a different IP?". I don't know if Patrick or any of the giant bomb crew were playing first person shooters during their golden age (think Blake Stone/Wolf 3d-Quake 3) but there is NOTHING we as gamers who lived through this era want to see more than something like Wolfenstein come back to the public eye and shown to be a very interesting IP still. I didn't even bother commenting when those idiots (not giant bomb, some people on twitter/blogs) were like "look how far we came from games" and "well we haven't came far at all" because that is just complete nonsense. This game looks beautiful, plays wonderfully and has been a pretty fun series since it was released back in the early 90s. I can't wait for the new Doom but all of this hyperbole about "oh jeez why Wolfenstein again?" needs to stop because it is an incredibly relevant franchise. Oh, sorry, Zelda came out when and in 2015 we are getting another Zelda? Do you understand how silly the comparison of Wolfenstein 2014 to the original sounds when thinking about how we continue to allow more boring franchises (sorry Zelda is an awful IP) continue to cater to fans and not even push any new boundaries or create exciting new concepts.

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We had an arcade in Montana called Little Big Man pizza in Montana where I lived as a kid and I probably sunk $500+ of my parents gambling money (it was also a hot spot for gambling in that city) into their UMK 3 cabinet. I won a few MK 2 tournaments as well at bowling alleys. As a kid I probably made at least a thousand dollars ($250 for beating 3 people in a "tournament" was pretty sweet as a 10 year old) playing Mortal Kombat. I was unstoppable. UMK 3 was definitely the "best" Mortal Kombat game. Dat run button .... and then a 7 hit combo that throws them across the screen is really one of the most satisfying things I remember from arcade gaming. UMK 3 sub zero although he looked like a gimp was the BEST character out of virtually every single MK game. I have MK 9 on my PS 3 and my PC (I haven't plugged in my PS 3 or Xbox 360 for over 8 months) and don't really like them anywhere near as much as old mortal kombats.

Anyways thats my story about mortal kombat hope you enjoyed it peace.

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I don't date a chick unless she has racks of cash and ain't no chickenhead. Y'hear?

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Quake 1 is the best game to ever be made followed by Quake 3 and then you will find Doom nestled in that section of "best games of all time" as well.

The fact there isn't a Quake 3 Arena 2013 is really upsetting and no Quake or Doom in 2013 when we get games which were Quake mods still thriving (Team Fortress) it is really hard to be a FPS PC gamer watching the years pass and no good games.

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I just went to McDonalds and got a BBQ Ranch Burger. This burger is a lie and has frito things on it it does not have BBQ nor ranch.

To answer your question - does it really fucking matter? Let someone shove food into their dumb face however they want and don't ask me why they do it that way. The correct answer is to have a palate and enjoy eating each item at the same time not eating one thing then another like a dumb baby.

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Why do you affiliate or link stuff from polygon? That video is objectively terrible. Ugh they have the worst sense of humor. I'm mad bro.

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What a terrible thing to open up my website to!! Ryan was one of my favorite people and I felt he WAS giant bomb. I read that article title as maybe he was going elsewhere, but oh man my heart it is so heavy right now. Ryan was the epitome of what made Giant Bomb and by far my favorite person to watch videos from. I don't even know how to feel right now. I wish all of his friends and family well in the wake of this sadness. Stay strong. What a huge loss to this world and I wish there was more I could do to share his legacy.

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If you live in denver go to a fucking walmart or a target or any of those places because you are limiting yourself to like 1 or 2 places
I live in las vegas I bet if it wasnt at game stop I sure as heck wouldnt have a hard time finding it. I am waiting for the PC version though, you should do the same. PC master race
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Every time I Have gone to watch this they weren't streaming. Give us some examples of funny ones because there is hundreds and you didn't tell us what to watch to Laugh.