Bi-Monthly Vice #3

What I have been up to:

So yeah, this seem to be ending up as a bi-weekly affair. First off, I finished Dante's Inferno sometime in the last two weeks, it was a pretty decent game. Nothing that will blow anybody away but a fairly good clone of a vastly superior game. I also had a crack at Mario Party 8 with a couple of friends, for an activity you do when you are almost smashed its pretty decent but as far as an enjoyable game otherwise its far from it. 
Yesterday me and savory made some movies in You're in the movies, while recovering from a basher the night before. The results are these:


Weekly Vice #2

  What I have been playing:


Well I skipped a week since last sunday I had the hangover of lifetime, saturday night had been spent mostly in the gutter, being dragged home by some chick, and waking

up to find my car and homekeys gone. So this will be a summary of these two weeks, as far as I can recollect. I got Dante's Inferno, played some of that.  Fairly impressed with the game, its got a nice flow to it and the art design is just top notch. The levels of hell I've grazed through look like they indeed were made by madmen, what the hell is up with Lust? Probably the sickest stuff I've seen in a serious videogame, I loved it though.  
This weekend I've just got the kick to fire up the Wii again. I went to town and got 

a boy and his blob fairly cheap and have been playing it pretty much all weekend, I'm in the third world, the homeplanet of the blobs, and I gotta say, this game really pulls all the right strings for me. I really feel like I'm 8 years old, sitting in my living room and playing a fantastic SNES game, only its 2010 and it's the Wii. Fantastic nostalgic feeling and also for this game, fantastic art design, everything looks handdrawn with fantastic animations all across the board, I'm taking a break from playing the game to say this but I really can't recommend this game enough, don't let this pass you by if you are the slightest bit retro. 

What I read this week:

The only thing that really stood out to me was the cancellation of the PC version of Alan Wake. I was looking forward to the game but Microsoft felt the game should be played infront of a television set and not infront of a computer screen, and thats why we will be left with one option to buy this game. I was hoping for a benchmark on the PC, and I really do believe we will be left with the no option but buying the inferior version. Footage from the game has mostly been captured from the PC build, so what the hell is the Xbox 360 version looking like? Way to screw your own PC market Microsoft.

Weekly Vice #1

What I have been playing:

Kind of bad week to start off with as I've been working hellish hours and haven't had much time to do anything game related, but today I fired up my PSP and played some games from Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded
I went through a couple of rounds with 1942, landing a score of 35380, which got me a 2nd place on the ingame leaderboard, which I guess is a pretty miserable scored compared to seasoned veterans of the game. Worth noting that I played the game on Normal difficulty. The game is okay for what it is, but there are way better games in the genre, and the artistic style of the game really make it feel static and boring. 
Then I played some SonSon and got beat the ingame highscore with a score of 31850,  most likely a terrible score as well. The game was pretty shitty in my opinion and didn't really have any fun with it. Can't say that I've played too many games like it so the idea was to me a little original, but it really wasn't any fun to play.
After that I hit a game called Higemaru my best score was 13650. It was probably the game I had the most fun with, kind of like a Bomberman with barrels. I will definitly be playing more of it. 

What I read this week:


Episodes from Liberty City on PS3

So the inevitable happened, both GTA IV episodes are now coming to the PS3. I'm looking forward to playing The Ballad of Gay Tony, but I'm not really interested in The Lost and the Damned. The news wasn't really surprising but it just further baffles me why Microsoft got into the 50 million USD deal with Take-Two if it only meant timed exclusivity. We don't know the full details of the deal but we know Take-Two recieved a deferred revenue of 50 million USD which was split even on the two episodes. This could not have been in any way a profit for Microsoft, seeing as both sold pretty poorly. The two financial winners here are really Rockstar and Sony.