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Don´t think i´ll see much of this besides Netflix over here.

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Well, I´m buying the ZombiU bundle anyway, it´ll be my guilty pleasure :)

Sometimes...or rather most of the time me and reviewers don´t quite see eye to eye on everything.

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Well, this blows...another god damned FPS. WHY?!

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Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Jared Hess

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Theres nothing bad to be said about the game mechanics, the battle system is the best its been in the series, the major flaw of the game is the convoluted way the story is told and the progression and late introductions of the game mechanics. The game could have been condensed more, about 20 hours of stuff could be cut out, like the endless hallways of mobs just to get to the next cutscene, some of the paths just felt like extreme filler, if they made leveling up faster the could condense the game and make it far more effective in storytelling, and it took me 30 fricking hours to get to a place where I could roam freely, and then when you procede past that point your back to the yellow brick road.

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Wait...what? Usually PAL covers completely annihilates the US/JAP covers.

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Thats got to be the Dynasty Warriors series. Whats up with the hate?

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Nice dude! Can't wait for Fist of the North Star...that game looks awesome, and im a huge Dynasty Warriors fan.

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Tough choice. I gotta give it to Tyson though, he's quick enough and just one hit from him would send Lee into a daze, and then it would be game over. Lee packs a punch as well, but not enough to take on the beast that was Tyson in my opinion. Besides his movies and exhibitions what has he really got to show? Kung fu and all its spawns are just inferior to boxing/kickboxing and wrestling no matter how much they to glorify it otherwise. Don't get me wrong its fantastic and fascinating, but as to real-world application they don't stand a chance. Lee would not in hell be able to perform all the moves people think he would on a boxer/kickboxer/wrestler. 

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This would be awesome. I replayed the game dozens of times when I was younger, would really love to revisit the world.