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Quests are fun as hell

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I was told a story when i was younger you could call it a legend and the violence the language and the music that were described to me were nothing less than brutal

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im not gonna ass kiss or make a lame joke. just pick me

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i bought BK nuts and bolts and prince of persia today yeahhh!!!

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Today I decided, "i am going to write a blog that absolutely no one will read ever, so i will be giving weekly  gaming updates and mini reviews if anyone cares. Okay lets begin.

12-7-08: the End of the Edge
Today i got the last achievement for mirror's edge, it was the speed run for the final level of the story mode. it took me a little more than 2 hours to get it perfect and i ended up with like 5:33 when i needed less than 6:00. i was like booyah. then i got that i could have completed this task like 45 mins earlier if i had been able to grab that stupid bar after jumping of the top of the elevator that takes forever to go up. i must have cursed Faith's name about 50 times before saying "i love you effie" when i finally nailed it. i loved that game, and while i can see why reviewers don't love it as i do. i think it's because they did not get enough time in the review process to master it and have them shaving a second off a time trial. 
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idk how they can continue the story of you because if you chose the good ending you die 

i dont care if i spoiled it for u