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Giving a coin to a beggar will get you "The Gift of Charity", which will give a temporary 10 point boost to speech. Easy way to save some cash if you're on your way to buy/sell anyway.

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The break music is oddly hypnotic. Love the part where the 2nd harmony comes in.  
A little "break music" anecdote: 
I sent an email to the guys wondering how long their breaks actually are, because they obviously last longer than the :30 break music. Here was the response:  

I think at most, we've had break music that covered a full day.

I love your idea. We'll look into it.



As far as the "idea", I thought that they should get some "Brad's Gotta Leave" theme music. ;)
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Showing Plants vs. Zombies HD to some of my coworkers has convinced them of the iPad's worth as a gaming device. I haven't tried out any of the FPS or driving games yet, but I have downloaded Dungeon Hunter HD. It is basically an up-rezzed version of the iPhone game, but that extra screen real estate and enhanced graphics makes a big difference. It's basically a Diablo/Torchlight dungeon crawl, and it's lots of fun. I recommend switching the controls in the options to "touch" instead of using the on-screen joystick. That way you just tap everything like you would mouse click everything on a PC.
 I really wish they would have taken some extra time and developed a totally new control scheme for Geometry Wars. It seems like with the multi-touch interface they could have come up with something better than an on-screen control pad.
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@Jeff: Thanks for chiming in on this one, duder. I knew it would take a considerable effort to convert Giant Bomb's huge storehouse of video, but I wasn't sure on all the details. I think most people would be more than happy with the "go-forward" approach, because most people wouldn't even know a difference. For me, most of my video watching is newly posted stuff anyway. 
I will say though, other than the video/forum posting issues, browsing GB on an iPad is awesome.
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I assume using Google Analytics or some similar service they can see exactly how much web traffic is coming from iPhones/iPads and make the decision that way. Upgrading their iPhone app to work on iPad, maybe adding some forum tools to it and whatnot, would be just fine with me. I just wish they would discuss it on the Bombcast or something... maybe a strongly worded email is in order. ;)

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Yeah, that's another issue at current... but it seems like that would be an easier fix than converting the videos.

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Now that Jeff owns an iPad, and can PLAINLY SEE that: 
1. the Giant Bomb iPhone app looks janky when blown up to 2x size 
2. none of the videos on work in mobile safari (which they know about, being iPhone owners... hence the app) long until the app gets the proper iPad treatment? 
Also, as I have no knowledge of the subject, how tough would it be for the Whiskey Media guys to convert all the videos on their various sites to HTML5? Obviously that is the Steve Jobs vision for the future of the web... but I have no idea how much work has to go into a complete switch away from Flash. Browsing the rest of the site features is awesome on the iPad though... sitting on the couch scouring the site for quests is lots of fun. :)

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@TurboMan: He probably rocks a Zune HD with that hoodieblazer.
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He owns a broken russian moon rover... and he has a wicked rat tail.

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