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Just got the console yesterday so I'm mostly playing a few single player games first.

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@mb: The main reason I ask this is because I kinda stopped paying attention to next gen systems after they both launched as incomplete products but now it kinda looks like they are both starting to build up some momentum and get some good games coming in the near future.

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With the lineup of games that have been announced so far for the Xbox One I think I have been convinced to go in and buy an Xbox One. The question I have for you guys is whether I should buy one now or wait until the fall when more new games are released. Are there enough good games out for it that it would be worth it to make the purchase now?

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@crashtanuki: I was just about to post this. In his post he specifically says that he is moving out west too.

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Greensboro, NC, USA

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@cale: That is accurate though. If you are reckless with money credit cards will do way more harm than good by ensuring that you are constantly paying off interest on the debt you have accrued using that credit card. Just get a credit card and only allow yourself to use it for necessities, groceries and gas fit perfectly with using a credit card.

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I just got done with this section of the bombcast and I agree with Brad that Jeff was kind of missing the point although that may partially be Brad's fault for not explaining himself well. Being a big fan of more team oriented games I get that Brad was trying to say that a lot of popular CoD-like shooters don't have many distinctive and tactically different roles that facilitate team based gameplay. When a game is designed to have true support classes that are mainly useful for making other players stronger I find that there is more depth and replayability to the game than when everyone's main ability is to kill other players with a secondary ability that assists teammates. Additionally I think that this happens for a reason, people like to be the one killing other people in multiplayer games more than they like to assist other people. This can be easily seen in games like Dota 2 and LoL where it is common in random pick up group games for a lot of people to want to play the carry role. I think that this is one reason that a lot of multiplayer shooters are designed around everyone having mostly equal offensive capabilities and thats what makes them so popular.

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This is the entire reason to not purchase until there is some compelling reason to purchase a launch console. I have been burned before by this kind of thing but you just have to accept it as bad timing of the purchase and move on.

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I got the same problem yesterday and eventually searched for it manually.,

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I just played and beat Binary Domain within the past week and I would definitely recommend the game. Its really quirky and besides a few spots it plays pretty well too.