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@PillClinton: Lol is all I have to say to that. Willfully ignorant of facts? Yeah, you are just a bit in that response.

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I swear, some people were watching a different debate than I was. I saw Obama running with "woulds" and "coulds" and not "I have done"." You are no longer the one trying to get elected, Obama, you have to let the people know that you have a good, er, ok, well, erm..well, you have a record..

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@MikeinSC: Dunno why you bother arguing with the people on here. They're like a line of parrots, each repeating what they heard the other say and ganging up on you like a mob of rabid dogs. God be with you :P

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Ryan. Biden laughed like a drunken monkey and ranted like a heroin addict.

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@Demoskinos: Same. Many seem fine when I am watching, then when I get in they get laggy as molasses in winter :/'s a bit frustrating. I guess they're not going to patch it or anything, as that would be..impossible..?

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360 - A Sudden Sound.

Also wondering if anyone else is having lag issues? Or is is just my internet being crappy.

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@thegoldencat7:Awesome, that looks like it would be great without the two triggers and all the buttons are close together!

@Petiew: I have been getting marginally better fight by fight. Guess I just have low frustration tolerance :(. Thanks for the recommendations and advice ^_^..fightpads generally don't last long?

@Damodar: Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check Amazon/ebay for the Madcatz ones.

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@envane: Thanks for all of the information. The main problem is one that you mentioned, basically, I have trouble with the diagonal direction presses and the moves that require half a circle on the D-pad to initiate. Also the countering on DOA 5 is difficult due to the aforementioned diagonal direction. Not sure if I'm that serious about it that I want to spend $100 or more just to play DOA 5 :/

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He may struggle with it at first, but it can't be that much of a learning curve. I'm no professional on the subject, but it seems pretty objective that it's easier to play fighting games with a fighting stick, and that controls on a gamepad are a less-practical, ported version of their fighting stick counterpart.

If you really don't play fighting games that much what should be putting you off is the price on those damn things, not the learning curve you'll have to face.

Actually, I'd think most in the FGC would agree that that's false. There are several professional players who play on a pad. Fighting sticks do, indeed, have an actual high barrier to entry if you're not used to playing with them. This barrier might not be worth it if you're not going to take fighting games seriously, especially if you've been used to a controller just fine before.

Thank you both for the input, I tried playing Mortal Kombat with a pad too, guess I am just a bit frustrated with not being able to use the diagonal direction when I want to to pull of a counter in DOA 5, so I was wondering if there was an alternative to the d-pad that wouldn't cost an obscene amount of money.

@endaround: Thanks! I might check that out ^_^

@ImmortalSaiyan: Any recommendations? I have the basic 360 controller at the moment and as I mentioned to the other posters, I'm having alot of trouble with the diagonal direction, as it seems to recognize input for both down and left/right in addition to the diagonal direction.

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Can anyone recommend a good joystick to play fighting games with? I've been using a controller, seems like a joystick and such would make it much easier to play Dead or Alive 5 with..or are they only for serious fighting game fans? I'm what you would call a "casual" fighting game player, if that helps at all..meaning I don't spend time trying to memorize all the best techniques and moves..just playing purely for fun.

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@mrfluke: Ok, thanks very much for the info ^_^ I'm not much into the whole boob physics thing that much of a factor :P?