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#1 Posted by StillAThreat (40 posts) -

Happened to me, too. I did the old "unplug it then plug it back in" trick, and the blu-ray went fine.

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Thanks, guys. I didn't realize there were only two tonics active at a time. That, and the first time I replaced awesome gear with less awesome gear by accident are my only two bones with this game so far.

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<p>Ahoy. I died right around the point where you get the fireball tonic, and I noticed about an hour later that I now don't have it. Without spoiling, is there anything coming up where the fireball is necessary, or can I keep rocking the crows and be alright?</p><p>Thanks dudes.</p>

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I have been unable to play this game since experiencing a crash a week after release. Patched first thing this morning and now it says my save file is corrupted. Do I really want to start this game over and lose the 56 cubes I've collected? Grrrrrrrrrr!

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Wow, I have no idea what this means.... the 4pm live stream should be awesome, though. I think of this as less Wayne's World and more Michael Scott Paper Company.

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Love the deliberations, and I hate to be "that guy", but I'm a little bummed that Skyward Sword didn't get a mention for music. The first time Link plays that harp, especially, was an awesome moment in gaming for me this year. Say what you will about the overall direction of the game, but that music is pretty rad.

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Let's please start calling it grand theVt auto. Immediately.

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I think I'll wait for them to break me off a little bit of the remix.

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Listen-- Alistair and I just had sex, so I kind of feel like I need to speak up for him.  However, the gifts and compliments I gave him... that was all just pillow talk, baby.

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