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Needed more "BRAAAHPP!!!"

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This is not what I expected, but more than I could ever ask for.

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It might be fine with everyone else, but I think it's pretty shitty news! As someone who has owned a PS4 since February, I'm waiting with bated breath over here.

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That's real weird with the layoffs literally just having happened, but Alexa is a damn cool chick.

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As usual, if I can watch Giant Bomb watch it, I'll watch it. Otherwise, I'll just read about the new announcements after the show.

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@guerrilla_mason: Works great on android as well! It's really a terrific app.

Also, no, it doesn't support livestreams. Too bad the Twitch days are over.

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@casty: That Tethealla website really burns the retinas. It's like I'm back on Xanga.

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@mister_v: I've got you covered, if you still need one.

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Sounds pretty great to me. I haven't played a PSO game since the Dreamcast days, well, except for a short-lived run through PSO2.

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Hmm. I just bought a Roku, and it appears that the GB channel never makes it past the initial loading screen. I've reset it and reinstalled the channel to no avail. Quite frustrating, as I saw the channel had good reviews, and Giant Bomb even has the /roku page on the website. I'm on a Roku 3, anyone with this issue ever figure out how to fix it?