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I actually started playing the collection about 2-3 months before this video series started. It had always been a big blank spot in my gaming history. The only one I ever played was MGS for the PS1, and I couldn't remember the story at all.

I beat MGS and MGS 2 in about a month, and I still need to move onto the others. I've been slacking, though.

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Should've doubled down on Alex! Congratulations, Vinny! You're raising an army over there, buddy!

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Very disappointing to hear that the sale price is only for new members. Always hate when companies decide to ignore the loyalty of their fans while giving benefits to newcomers.

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How is this not $99? Learn how to take a hit for once, Microsoft, damn. Talk about not wanting your product to succeed.

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Congratulations on your second kid, duder!!

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The 3D Bomb looks weird, especially when it "blinks" by making it's eye smaller.

I think translating the Giant Bomb logo to 3D just doesn't work even with a great attempt like this.

I agree. It's kind of dipping into the uncanny valley. Is that possible to do with an anthropomorphic bomb?

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What the hell? God damnit, Dan.

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Well I already went back to it and beat it about a month ago, so I don't really have much of an interest. I'd rather they start making decent new Resident Evil games, but I guess that's unrealistic.

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Horrible news happening to some great people. Just remember this means you'll be moving on to bigger and better things! Can't wait to hear from all of you again.