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Tell me more about these scientific facts.

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Very cool news.

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If I win, I don't want the prize! I already own Ni No Kuni. =)

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@billymagnum: Thanks for the heads-up, duder! Hope you get that all sorted out before Pax!

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@corwag: Hm. I did receive an email about the damaged posters, but it didn't specifically state that I was receiving it because mine was among the orders that were damaged. From how the email was phrased, I assumed it was sent to everyone who ordered. Considering that the email was sent only 12 days ago, and these things do take time, I'll just assume that mine was among the posters damaged.

I thought I got that email 3 weeks ago, not 2, otherwise I probably would've assumed that. I'm sure it took them a while to get around to re-signing, so that eases my mind a bit. The last thing I want is to have it delivered, and then get stolen!

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So did all of the posters go out already?

Sorry, but I don't know what's going on with them. Is there a certain thread about it anywhere?

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@doskias: If you're ever looking to hop on in, just let me know. I decided to buy it today, and I also dislike society. Wish me luck!

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@grissefar: Yep, whatever is wrong with their network infrastructure needs to be fixed. It's really a shame, because it pretty much ruins a vital part of the game.

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@rorie: Ah, I can imagine. New inventory is great news, though. I'm not much for buying "fan" stuff, but my love for Giant Bomb runs deep.

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@rorie: Good luck, duder. I don't envy you guys. I will watch the suffering on the live stream, however. I hope that helps some.

Also, do you guys think you'll ever redo the store at some point? I vaguely remember something being said about that, but I might have imagined it.