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Horrible news happening to some great people. Just remember this means you'll be moving on to bigger and better things! Can't wait to hear from all of you again.

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Very disappointed that the beta is basically the alpha with a few extra story missions. At least that's what I'm seeing so far. I'm capped at level 8 with nothing else to do. Now I know why it's only 10 days long. =/ Hope this doesn't speak for a lack of content on release.

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@patrickklepek: I like it. I think the idea behind it is solid, but it could perhaps use work? Reading it is slightly jarring, but it's effective.

Also Cliff Bleszinski is a rude dude with a bit of an ego problem, but I still hope the game is good. It's not like he's a sole person working on it. Here's to hoping it works out for them. If they're willing to bring creativity to the industry, I'm all for it.

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I mean, it really depends on the food.

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Welcome again, duders! Sorry things are a little rocky around here. It'll get better soon. Can't wait to see you two in some more content!

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Congratulations to the new hires! You guys seem rad to me, and I can't wait to see you both in stuff like UPF! Very exciting stuff, duders!

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I don't understand how people around here can be so callous. Good grief. I hope Iwata gets well soon, people were wondering what was going on and I'm glad he was open about it.

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Looks like we have something coming out of E3, but it doesn't seem like much. Single player mode confirmed, and a new trailer. With how news circulates, though, this could all be old news.

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@mb: Sorry, duder! Didn't mean to make more work for you =( I'll most assuredly pay more attention next time.

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TGS? Ah. I was hoping to get a US release announcement and possibly a Japanese beta date confirmation. Man, that wait is kind of killing me. I hope it's not terrible.

Also, Dragon's Dogma is rad, but I was definitely thrown off by them going in that direction. I didn't expect that at all.