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It might be fine with everyone else, but I think it's pretty shitty news! As someone who has owned a PS4 since February, I'm waiting with bated breath over here.

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That's real weird with the layoffs literally just having happened, but Alexa is a damn cool chick.

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As usual, if I can watch Giant Bomb watch it, I'll watch it. Otherwise, I'll just read about the new announcements after the show.

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@guerrilla_mason: Works great on android as well! It's really a terrific app.

Also, no, it doesn't support livestreams. Too bad the Twitch days are over.

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@casty: That Tethealla website really burns the retinas. It's like I'm back on Xanga.

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@mister_v: I've got you covered, if you still need one.

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Sounds pretty great to me. I haven't played a PSO game since the Dreamcast days, well, except for a short-lived run through PSO2.

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Hmm. I just bought a Roku, and it appears that the GB channel never makes it past the initial loading screen. I've reset it and reinstalled the channel to no avail. Quite frustrating, as I saw the channel had good reviews, and Giant Bomb even has the /roku page on the website. I'm on a Roku 3, anyone with this issue ever figure out how to fix it?

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I don't even entirely understand what this GamerGate stuff is. All I know is that people are complaining about ethics in journalism, which I understand the concerns, but I don't see it being as rampant as to warrant all of this lunacy. Aside from that, then there are the crazy folks who harass and make death threats, which is quite honestly beyond my comprehension. I understand having issues or concerns, or not agreeing with what someone might say, but there is a base amount of respect for other people that is entirely absent.

I just don't like this era of the internet. I'd rather go back to the point where it's just a bunch of nerds talking to other nerds.

Anyway, I'm not a part of any of it. My deepest apologies for those who are being hurt in any way by this. As usual Giant Bomb is a site run by decent people, and we should all strive to be civil towards one another.

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@isomeri: I never followed gaming outlets of any kind. Even as a kid I was never really into reading the magazines or anything like that. That said I ended up watching a Quick Look which led me to look at the How To Build A Bomb episodes, and that's when I thought these guys were alright. Now I regret not following them during their GameSpot days!

@alwaysbebombing: I thought it was dumb as well, which is why I never really paid much attention to any video game coverage, and I definitely thought watching someone play a game was idiotic. Why would I watch someone else play a game, when I could play it myself? I guess a part of it can be related to something like MST3K, though, and I loved that. Anyway, I'm glad I ended up giving them a shot. I had no idea I'd get so hooked.