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I'm in a long term relationship with someone with the same name as my sister, it was definitely a little weird at first, but I'm more than over it nowadays, it probably helps I don't often refer to her directly by her name, but I am pretty sure I could handle it if it was my mothers name too, it's only a name...

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they got my business this year, for what it matters to them. After enjoying the hell out of my 3DS I decided to buy a Wii U aswelll, its currently installing system update, even if I don't end up with any more games for either system, I feel they would have been worth my money...

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Fire Emblem: Awakening is honestly the game I think deserves it most. The new Zelda is set in the same world as Link to the Past, which kind of bums me out. Unfortunately, I think it will either be Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us. I say "unfortunately" because in my opinion, both of those games are overrated for what they are. The multiple timelines/universes story twist is handled better in 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, and the core gameplay isn't very exciting. The Last of Us, while it has a great story, suffers from plenty of gameplay and graphical issues which detracted from my personal enjoyment of that game. I'd really like to see a surprise victor, but I really don't think that will happen. I guess we'll see in like 3 weeks though.

shiiiiiiiit, should not have read your spoiler tags, I'm currently playing the first of said games

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Against a Dark Background - Iain M. Banks

Dont read that much these days but when I do its always Banks, makes me facepalm hard when hear people praising how awesome the story is in Bioshock or some Banks kid get some some real story down you :p

That was the first Banks book I read, about 12 years ago or something. I just read Look To Windward for the first time recently, the guy was a fucking phenomenal writer.

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I just got hold of Super Mario 3D Land and the new Zelda this weekend, and both are superb games, I'v played far too much of my DS in the last 48 hours

I'd also recommend Steamworld Dig, it's a fun mining game, i finished it in about 3 sittings, but it was well worth the time

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3D- OoT and 2D- LA

to 90% of the world i just typed complete gibberish

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Bushido Blade is the correct answer...

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I always liked Patrick, but the content he has been doing since moving has been outstanding, and bringing Alex into the fray is always a bonus, I'm glad the "haters" have finally started coming around, it's really petty.

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what's this about GFWL shutting down? I'm still playing though Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising which is connected to GFWL and I wasn't quite done with me Batman AA save file either

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I'm moving in with my girlfriend in about a months time, and we have decided to buy a Wii U together as a sort of Christmas present, I was just wondering what sort of things I need to think about getting with it, I'm not only referring to Wii U games. I got a Wii at launch and regretted it pretty quickly, I was single at the time, and the only game that I had any fun with was Wii Sports, so when I was a bit tight on money I sold the console, so not only do I have a whole catalogue of Wii U games to look forward to, but also Wii ones too.

I'v been looking on Amazon, and the Wind Waker bundle at £250 seems like a steal, and I know for sure I'm getting Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and Metroid Prime: Trilogy too. I'm in the dark about the Wii stuff in general though, so will i need a Wii U motion plus? or will the regular old Wiimotes work? also is there any other controller or accessory things I need to worry about? also game recommendations are also welcome, multi platform are not a problem because I'll still use my X360 for them, but games that are particularly good for the Wii/Wii U- especially for same room multiplayer , would be appreciated, cheers!