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fuck Star Wars, i'm more interested in what this means for the Grim Fandango or Full Throttle licences, were game IP's a part of this deal?

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all the comparisons to PGR make me really want to get this game, these beautiful screenshots are certainly helping its cause

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im close to being done on a my first game (normal/iron man) and i dread to think how many guys iv lost, although ill put that down to learning the game, really pleased with how the strategy part of the game went only lost canada and everyone is on 1, but the tactical side had a few nasty bumps, although iv not lost anyone for ages, and i have a bunch or corporals now, all i want to do is get the mind control and Etherial achievement, then ill go do the final mission and restart the game on classic ironman, which im really looking forward to start

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Gotta say, I hope Robert Florence finds his way to a bombcast near me soon. I trust the giantbomb crew and I understand the limitations that PR puts on things sometimes. I also dig that GB is up front and lets you know in a preview/review if they engaged in any press event type things. It'd be awesome if somehow you guys actually just go out and get retail stuff, but the nature of the industry (and the internet in general) prevents that from being feasible (and it'd be super expensive!) which I understand as well. Keep up the good work guys! And seriously look into Florence being a guest at some point. I've never really read his writing but after reading his piece and the retrospective piece he sounds super intelligent and I'd like to hear more from him.

whilst i love Rab and would like him to do more stuff in gaming, he has a pretty thick Scottish accent that would sound REALLY out of place on the bombcast

there are few people in this industry i respect more than the guys at Giant Bomb, but Rab is one of them, a true enthusiast, he's never really worked in games journalism in the traditional sense, if your not familiar with his previous work Consolevania is a good start, he also worked at BBC Scotland doing Videogaiden and helped Charlie Brooker out doing his Gameswipe show. He also writes and stars in a sketch show called Burnistoun, which i actually really like, although i think there might be a bit of a cultural disconnect for the US, heres one of my all time favourite sketches from the show

I think its a real pity this all went down the way it did, i just hope the bigger conversation this has sparked goes on to do some good. even Jim Sterling- who i just see as a troll baiting, loud mouth, impressed me with what he had to say on the matter.

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bioshock- they justify your every action through story, you cant get much bigger than that

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i've liked Rab for years, and was really sad to see this go down the way it did, other than the shitstorm this created for Him, Lauren, Eurogamer and MVC i think its really sad he decided to stop writing his column, some of the best and funniest writing to do with games iv read, he's a really good writer that is deeply passionate and informed.

I read the article the day it came out, and when i saw him quote Lauren directly it did surprise me a bit, simply because you NEVER see that in games writing, i actually liked the fact someone called out this bullshit and when this is over with (you know, when the next shitstorm hits internetville) im going to make a list of journalists that support this kind of behavior and ignore them for the rest of their career's,

Giant Bomb are in a really cool place where they can get behind the scene access and conversations, because of their relationships with PR and Developers, i completely understand the position everyone is in when this information is passed onto me, and i feel Giant Bomb is a better place for it, HOWEVER not every website or publication needs to be Giant Bomb, and i would love for there to be an outlet that has a completely professional relationship with the industry and keep it at arms length, Rab is always my go to guy for stuff like that, he always seemed an outsider to the industry, i just hope he decides to continue to write gaming related stuff for someone else

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i put A, but to be honest it's to support the site in general, obviously having awesome staff is part of that, but its for everything the site offers. i probably spend atleast 70% of my internet browsing time on giant bomb, and i don't really watch TV beyond netflix, so i'd rather support something i like then pay £20- £40 a month on Sky that i just wouldn't use

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Artist in the Ambulence was awesome, Vheissu was pretty different but I still liked it a lot. The Alchemy Index stuff was pretty hit and miss with me. Didn't really care for Beggars much at all.

I loved what Thrice did with Vheissu and The Alchemy Index volumes. I thought it was really bold experimentation with their music and produced some absolutely amazing tracks like Red Sky, Stand And Fell Your Worth, For Miles, Digital Sea, Moving Mountains, Digging My Own Grave, hell I can keep listing songs all day. I never did delve to deeply into Beggars and Major/Minor. The times I listened to them I felt like they were such a step back. And not even a good step back to Artist In The Ambulance. Kinda like they were trying to ease back into that sound a bit and stumbled.

Still having loved Thrice since The Illusion Of Safety, I really loved their progression from that to Artist In The Ambulance to Vheissu to The Alchemy Index volumes.

I was reminded of back in the day when Deftones went from Adrenaline to Around The Fur to White Pony. I hesitate to put Deftones on this list, though they haven't managed to top the utterly transcendent White Pony, it's not as if they've shit the bed. And considering Chi's car accident, it obviously hurt the band overall. Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist and Diamond Eyes were still albums I enjoyed a lot, but White Pony is just a magical album for me.

Yeah I really liked Vheissu, and I dug most of the Fire/Water albums. There were only a few songs a liked on Earth/Air, but I appreciated the experimentation. I still didn't really like the style as much as Artist in the Ambulence though.

my top 3 thrice albums are probably Vheissu, Beggars and Major/Minor in that order, Vheissu is a fucking masterpiece

all their old punky metal stuff just makes me feel 17- in a bad way, for some reason i just dont enjoy listening to it anymore

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i came here to sing the praises of the new Converge album, so yeah... Converge

also Deftones, had a tiny bit of a lull after White Pony but their last album, and what iv heard of the new one, is some of the best material they've ever put out in my opinion

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go for it dude, give her a call to make sure its her number if nothing else, and if her job of choice doesn't bother you too much, go on a date/for a coffee and see how it goes. I went out with a girl about 10 years ago who became a glamour model, it wasn't a surprise when she told me thats what she was doing, i saw it coming a mile off, i guess it takes a type, but yea she had a few issues, but my main problem being with her was that she was a pathological liar and borderline lived in a fantasy world of her own concoction, we lived about 50 miles apart and only saw each other 3 or 4 times a month, so she could get away with it for the most part. I'm definitely not trying to say all strippers/models are like this but i guess its something else you should maybe look out for