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@stingingvelvet: i'm going to pretend you didn't bring up mlk jr to make your point about being tolerant of the intolerant.

Well you're not really saying anything or addressing my points at all, so I'm going to stop attempting to debate with you. Thanks.

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@stingingvelvet: it is about dumbing it down to people like you who can't read it without getting upset. yes i read it and i agree with her statements, it is bigoted to label my people a social statement, it's straight up republican handbook shit. if you really did agree with the male author who doesn't seem "crazy" to you, you'd know why the lgbt community is upset, and in turn understand why samantha allen is upset. that is, if your empath works.

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say because your writing is a little haphazard here. Of course my empathy works and of course I understand the issues, that's all beside the point. The point we're actually making is all about tone and style. When you write aggressively, and "hate the hate" for lack of a better term, you invite anger back at you. When you write with the goal of making people understand your feelings, how it feels to be treated this way, then you invite empathy from your audience.

One is convincing one is not. Go back in time and compare Martin Luther King Jr. with the Black Panthers. Which do you think did more to bring about racial tolerance in America?

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@stingingvelvet: be empathetic to calling your people a political statement? lolollol

she shouldn't have to "dumb it down" for you, i guess in a way it's her fault for assuming the audience could handle it

It's not about dumbing down or politics, it's about talking to people like you're trying to convince them, trying to make them understand, rather than like they're dumb children you have to scold. Even if those people ARE acting like dumb children you can't talk to them that way, unless all you want to do is fight and yell and say hateful things to each other. If you want to change minds you talk in a wise, empathetic tone. Did you even read the article I linked to?

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And he does it all without sounding like an angry, hateful maniac.

The irony of criticising someone as hateful and then calling them a manic in the same breath.

"Sounding like."

Write in a hateful voice, get hate back. Write in an empathetic, wise voice, get empathy back. Simple.

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And if the gender roles were reversed, you would have no problem with it either I suppose? If this were a man who "clearly felt like he and his peers have been fucked over by women in life and was using the internet so show his anger," would you then support him for making a misogynist joke?

Would you be defending a man who said "If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, 'can you start putting the word "some" in front of the word "women." We're not all bitches."?

Their view is that you can mock the "privileged" and not the other way around. Which is true to some extent, but at some point you just come across as angry and hateful, not wise, which unfortunately is a trap Ms. Allen frequently falls into. Ben Kuchera as well, among others.

If you want to see properly done criticism on this issue check out this opinion piece on Gamasutra, a very professional gaming site:

He covers WHY people were upset, the feelings involved, and why it's important. And he does it all without sounding like an angry, hateful maniac. It's a much better way to get people to empathize with you. Yelling at people and calling them names doesn't tend to sway opinion, it just causes conflict.

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@thecheese33: Promoting inclusiveness is awesome. Asking Nintendo to support gay marriage is awesome. However there is definitely a time, and definitely some people, who go too far and spew hate and intolerance from the OTHER side. It happens. We shouldn't be scared to point it out when it does.

Samantha Allen has said some things which fall into that category.

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Embiggen not working for me :(

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Thanks for all the input, everyone.

I think my plan is:

1) Lost Odyssey

2) If I like it, try FF13

3) If I'm still going try FFX HD collection.

Thanks again!

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People will tell you otherwise but I highly recommend Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, it's linear, but it's not a bad thing. Get into the habit of not doing Auto-battle early on and when you get to a certain point you'll find the game's battles becoming blisteringly fun. Also the world opens up later. I found the story to be quite good, and the music... is just amazing. It's one of my favorite Final Fantasies, among VI, VIII, and X.

You should also look into Resonance of Fate. Has a really cool setting, battle system, and take on the world map.

Thanks man, good comments about FF13.

As with every thread like this, I'll fall back on my go-to response:

Lost Odyssey

I forgot that existed, someone suggested that to me in the past. I might start here actually since it's cheap and the score is by an old favorite.

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If you haven't played Final Fantasy X you should get the HD version when it comes to PS3 in a few months. That's the last game that really felt like FF to me. XIII was fun - battles are fast paced and the system is interesting - but the characters are kind of dull. Lightning returns looks fun, from what little of the demo I've played, and I'm thinking about getting it. Do you prefer action RPGs? I'd recommend Nier (fantastic story). I also really enjoyed Eternal Sonata, but I may be alone in that. I just bought Tales of Xillia, but I haven't done more than look at the intro, so I can only tell you that other people seem to like that one. Do the Souls games count as JRPGs? If you haven't played them you should.

I was looking at the X HD pack. I only played X for a short bit.