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No screen shot, but my favorite and closest battle so far with with Tugog the Guardian.

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for 50% off til October 6th. I just picked it up following a review of it on Hot Pepper Gaming. Bonus for it being related to Total Annihilation - I have that game and still play it from time to time.

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I tried that a few times but I guess I wasn't lucky enough to get it to work. I will keep trying just not as much as I have been - plenty of other games to play.

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I think it has a sandbox mode if that's what you mean. I just played the mission you mentioned. All you have to do is build a wizard's tower right off the bat and that stops the mage from burning your castle/city. The Rat King mission is just after it (it's that or the dragon mission).

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Has anyone tried the Rat King mission recently? I've beaten it before, but now it seems like something is broken. Either the spawn rate of mobs has increased dramatically or building rate for buildings has decreased dramatically because I can hardly get a single building up before getting overrun.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems. I'm playing as a Jew (about lvl 7) and only have Kenny and Butters, and have yet to last 3 or 4 rounds against AG and his SS .

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Ended up making Deep Thought, an arcanist on Ultros. I should be in game a bit tonight (starting now) so if an invite's possible that would be great. Thanks.

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@stingo said:

Is the free company still active? I don't have a character on Ultros but might transfer mine or make a new one.

Yup still going strong. If you transfer, send me a message with a time you'll be on and we'll get you an invite.

Cool. Is there any class in particular needed? Going to be on tonight - will post my character's name once I've created him.

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Is the free company still active? I don't have a character on Ultros but might transfer mine or make a new one.

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Thanks for the responses. I missed the yearly membership bit. I'll wait til the month is up and see if I want to pony up for a year.

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