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Most amusing part of the game is breaking it. 0

 Avatar is an easy 1000 Gamerscore an notorious for it, the funny thing is the game past the opening scene is so much worse but so few gamers have actually seen it. While you can easily tell from earning the achievements that the main characters attacks do little damage, the equivalent of blowing air on someone.  The enemy AI though can be pretty damaging when not being stupid. To be fair the boss characters actually will attack you right away and usually constantly. Regular enemies though are t...

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An interesting game but tiresome 0

 Knuckles Chaotix is probably the only 32X game I can even name and its a decent game when it comes down to it. The problems it suffers from don't involve the gimmicky two characters tied to a rope concept, its actually the level design and timer that are the biggest negatives. While Chaotix does have some pure left to right levels, a lot of the levels consist of going up to go slightly to the right then down and then this repeating for ten minutes. Fans of Sonic's Genesis titles might remember ...

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Throw away your copy of Diamond and Pearl. 0

 You don't need them anymore...well maybe for the exclusives in those versions but that is the extent of your need. Platinum is a much needed fix on the games, improving an incredibly slow user interface that made an average Pokemon Battle last 5 to 10 minutes instead of a minute and under.  The difference in that speed is truly mind boggling and more so that Nintendo let the slow user interface of Diamond and Pearl release into the wild.  Other changes present involve the battle tower like the ...

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For free not bad, for $10 a travesty 0

 Undertow is made by Chair, who made the decent enough Xbox title Advent Rising. This game is at the very least a departure from that and most games out there today. In undertow you'll play as a human diver, a nemo (A what?!), and a female atlantian general. This is done through "Episodes", which is broken up into the games 15 levels, 5 for each character. I expected each character would get there own campaign and really the game would have worked a lot better this way.The way the story mode unf...

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