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After the rather good and exciting seventh season, we're back to POINTLESS DRAMA?

I'm halfway through the latest episode and I'm so fucking bored o.O Fuck deb, lets see some dextering, there's none of that left anymore! This is like assassin's creed where the games are no longer about assassinating..

Dexter working on the 'deb problem' which consists of doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time = BORING

i've reached my limit with deb. it's the same thing every season, "i can't handle this, i can't handle that."

only thing i can predict about this last season is that Quinn will have to make a decision for or against Deb at some point. they keep telegraphing how much he loves her this season out of the blue.

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my take on the art. looks nice, almost a terry gilliam quality.

men are treated just as ridiculously as the women (who aren't attractive) so can't call them out.

even heroes shouldn't skip leg day.

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I'd like to add a little advice to those of you who haven't gotten them removed yet.

Have them removed by an oral surgeon, NOT a general practicing dentist.

I said that I only got three removed today. My first removal went wrong. I lost all sense of taste in half of my tongue, which hasn't come back. Don't worry about me though, I may just be without it for a few more years. Nerve endings heal very very slowly.

This isn't to scare you all, just be safe and have a surgeon remove them and you'll be fine.

i thought it had to be an oral surgeon, seems sketchy to have a dentist do it.

anyway i had one or two i've mine removed and it was a fun experience, the gas is amazing.

some of you must have been to some bad surgeons or dentists.

which sucks cause i've had bad ones before myself.

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the UK's pale knock off of Escape from New York.

Doomsday was terrible. i don't know how he compared it to Pacific Rim. nothing alike.

Kate Beckinsale wasn't in the movie as well, it was Rhona Mitra who looks identical.

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star wars font is helvetica. looks like you used verdana. otherwise perfect.

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this real? not believing it.

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@GreggD said:

There are way too many duplicates in that collection.

and many with entrainment value measured in seconds. 
to buy this you have to like owning things for the sake of owning. 
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@deadmoscow said:

Who knows? I think nothing - it's just a MacGuffin used to move the plot together. 

i agree... the rug really tied the movie together. 
as far as purpose the rug underscored the mundane in life that the other absurdities worked off of.  
backbone of the film.