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I think I'm with a lot of people on this - That RPS interview said a lot of things which needed saying but I'm not real comfy with *how* most of it was said.

Maybe this and the shitstorm of the previous couple of days is the wake up call that PM needs.


this was my basic feeling. I liked PM's answers about dealing with a creative process, i think its very true.

But him plus Kickstarter (individuals giving money) were not a good mix.

In the end he really needed to be called on his bullshit on over promising in general, not just about this game, but about everything he's done.

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Mass Effect gave you the illusion of mattering.

but in the end how things played out were insignificant. most if not all played out as a change in a single line of dialog or if someone was standing in a cutscene.

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you may already know this but figured i'd bring it up.

weight lifting shortens muscle, stretching as name implies, lengthens.

not sure what type of body you have but realize your body type can limit your ability to stretch.

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you got some tight hamstrings.

not sure you have to do yoga for that alone, doing simple stretch routines can also be good.

but i'd suggest taking an actual yoga class if you can, always great for discipline and you can talk to a person about concentrating on certain muscle groups if thats what you want.

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haven't heard this discussion before.

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mirrors what I went through, battles became too time consuming for me and I switched to easy thinking i'd switch back to a higher difficulty later. I never did.

in the end the Witcher wasn't for me.

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sound will cut out, to fix i have to go to the menu then back.

had a voice in one scene come out of nowhere, think it might have been the main character, but it wasn't the one i had chosen.

broke up with josephine but still got a cut scene of hers later in the game (beginning of duel).

not really a bug but one of the dragons knocked me out of the top of the tower during the fight (Emprise Du Lion.) that was a pain.

had the long pause bug when characters talk in cut scenes as well, once making me restart the game.

think it crashed on me twice during my 100 hour play through.

wish there was more to do at the end of the game, in that way I think Skyrim did a better job. But i still really liked the game.

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was excited, then i remembered Tie Fighter made me go out and buy a flight stick.

don't want a flight stick laying around my desk anymore.