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After this incident, I really don't feel welcome here. I used to want to be active on the forums, but that enthusiasm has dwindled with every discussion about sexism. Every rationalization for why things are OK the way they are. I have nothing against the GB staff, including the new hires, and I wish them well. The conversation should be all about how exciting it is to have new hires, and I really wish it could be. But the pot is boiling over on a serious issue, and people refuse to just stay quiet about it. That's good, because it's the only way anything changes.

But...the reactionary backlash here over legitimate issues is frustrating. It's invalidating. It's not even just this particular incident. It's every conversation about discrimination. Every. Single. One. Even the ones I haven't read, the times when I just don't have it in me to read them, because I know exactly how it's going to go. I shouldn't feel drained and sad trying to be part of a community, but that's how it is. I dunno that anyone's gonna care, since I've mostly just been a lurker. But...I've been here, reading. Trying to find a way to speak up multiple times, succeeding only a few. It's been fun. No, wait, it's been the exact opposite of that.

I echo these sentiments. I wish I all of the staff the best, and I'm sure Dan and Jason will do a great job. But the bile that gets spewed whenever a discussion about diversity comes up is too much for me. Even if most of the people engaged in outright harassment and bullying were drawn into the discussion from other sites, it seems like there will always be a large segment of Giant Bomb conflating a desire for more representation with a demand to throw out qualifications in the hiring process, or making asinine comments like "people won't be satisfied til they hire a black transgender paraplegic lol", where the whole punchline is that such a hire would be ridiculous, because the more minority groups you fall into, the more of an absurd joke-person you are. It's fucked.

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Who give's a shit

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Why do all the women look like men?

you're the worst

Oh, please. You thank me too little.

don't i though?

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Why do all the women look like men?

you're the worst

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It has been a greater creative venture than if I had played music, wrote prose or drew a picture, and yet some wouldn't call it 'art'.

Well, hey now. I absolutely agree that interactive design is art, but there's no reason to defensively diminish other mediums.

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Why struggle to understand it? If you don't get it, ya don't get it.

Edit: Or maybe I should say if it doesn't hit you, it doesn't hit you. The word "get" implies that enjoyment is a puzzle you're responsible for solving.

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On 9/14/12, Brad was not broken.

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All right Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 has got me halfway sold. Now include her in Smash Bros. and I'm there.

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I disagreed before I clicked this thread, but they do look similar. You should also post a picture of Jeff.

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I came in here to laugh at how dumb this was, but then I saw the picture and went "hey, that does kinda look like Jeff in a weird way". Weird.

Same phenomenon here.

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Hopefully the NP staff can find new homes in which to write away right away.