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Maybe EA should learn not to worry about beating COD to the market and instead make sure their game is ready instead.

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@andheez: That too. But at least a lot of these you get free with Plus.

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It was a good showing. Lots of titles that were new. But just way to indie focused for me. Great that they support indies, but I ain't paying $400 for a indie machine.

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Wow I am shocked. Don't know what to say. :-[

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Those pre order numbers must of really scared Microsoft in order for them to change their policy. All that talk about the cloud and needing it to make much better games and how Xbox One was built with always connected in mind, now doesn't matter when it hurts their wallet. Shows how much PR bullshit they had.

But I bet in three years or so after Xbox One launches, they will introduce the DRM again via an update. Being it's already built into the system This is how Microsoft rolls. Regardless, this is going to be a very interesting next gen battle.

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They won't change their policy. What they will do is go after third party games. Shelling out to lock up games that they know people will want to play. Gamers are weak and will buy into the system. This is how they will bounce back. Microsoft maybe down right now, but certainly not out.

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Even if Microsoft's policy on used games and always online does not effect you now, doesn't mean it won't in the future. Don't support anti consumer policy. If people buy the system it's telling them you are ok with such restrictions and it will only become worse.

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I'm already a Plus member so it doesn't matter. And if you don't have it, it is well worth it. You get more than your moneys worth.

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@foxmulder: oh god yes. I don't mind the female host tho (sorry forgot her name, it's late) but she is pretty good. Minus that geek shirt she had on.

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Maybe this is EA trying to give themselves a better image? Maybe they have something else "evil" planned?

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