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Also, HBO Go is a no go if you have Comcast. Comcast also doesn't permit the HBO Go app to be used on the Roku box.

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Looks like I'll be playing AC for the fourth consecutive winter.

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The biggest revelation is that Q is Desmond's father!

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I concur. More Whiskey Media Radio with Dave!

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@evilmax17:  I was finally able to login using all lowercase letters for my multipass id.
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I've downloaded the beta but have been unable to log-in into my account. I receive an "Incorrect username + password combination." message, even though the information is correct. I checked the app and its says its version 1.2 / 3-17-11. 
P.S. I also have version 1.0 / 10-7-10 which is the current version on the Channel Store, but does not allow for logging into user accounts.

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I subscribed because I admire what Whiskey Media is trying to do (staying independent, not answering to a corporate suit, etc); however, I disagree with splitting the Bombcast (but I understand the reasoning behind it).

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Big fan of the God of War games. Played all three PS2/3 games. Never played any of the PSP versions. I would need a PSP to do so.

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This is a creative way to get the users to pay attention to ads. If done in a creative and thoughtful way, we the users aren't so put off by ads. Anything is better than a flashing banner ad that screams for attention or those interceptor ads that force to "click here to continue reading".

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