Disney sequels: The Lion King 2

This going to hurt

So this is park of my phase 2 of my movie blogs in which i do the Disney sequels after the Pokemon movies. Why start if you have not finished watching the fist movie you may ask well i have not gotten around to it which i am very sorry for and i promise after this if will be doing the Pokemon movies so lets get this started with Simbas Pride.

This is one of the most boring Disney movies ever and has plot holes the size of a black hole. Plot: try to keep this as quick as possible Simba has a daughter she's loud and rambunctious and is voiced by Sidney Prescott of Scream fame their is a love interest who good old dad does not wan't her around (Romeo and Juliet) who is apparently an heir to scar even though he is not his biological father? There is a lion voiced by Andy Dick?!(Luckily he dies). Okay plot's done now this movie is not bad as Disney sequels's go because it's decently animated and voice acting is solid and includes a song co-wrote by The Joss Whedon but The Movie it's basically Romeo and Juliet without any of the tragedy,drama or stakes. At least the did get Most of the main cast back ( Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, etc) but it's not enough to save the movie from mediocrity.

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Building the Perfect Action rpg

I read the GameInfomer article of what a perfrect rpg shoud be. So I am making a blog of what i think would make the perfect action rpg. (Dont worry there is no Kingdom Hearts)
The world-  Bioshock. Nuff said
Shooting -Borderlands. In many acvtion rpgs such as Alpha Protocol pressing the fire button is basicly pressing the roll the dice buton borderlands solves that with actual real shooting  
Inventory -Mass Effect 2. In any Bethesda game you are going to eventualy run out of room in your inventory, Mass Effect 2 fixes it by getting rid of inventory all together by making you find upgrades insted 
Strategy -Dragon Age Origins. Again, nuff said
Level ups- Falout series. Leveling up is a  grind so the Fallout series fixes it by adding Perks when you level up which makes it more satisfying. 


video game characters i hate

Video Game characters i hate

In order

1. Rico Velasquez

Most useless, irritating video game character EVER!

2. Edgar Ross

You know why

3. Rahm Kota

Could have let Starkiller kill the Emperor which could have ended the war!

4. Carth Onasi

Whines about everything

5. Citadel Council

Biggest morons in the galaxy

6. The Illusive Man

He did some pretty f'ed up things

7. Donnel Udina

He is a satire on all politicians

8. Kaidan Alenko

He is Carth reincarnated

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