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Have you ever seen the Shepard is such a jerk videos? EPIC.

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Evil is always more fun than good. It is a simple fact. You see, evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

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you did not even include KOTOR 2 which has one of the best such moments.

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fallout for sure!
just killing randoms is quite sadistic

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As a great devil once sang back when that thing was actually worth watching. 
"Without no evil there could be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes"

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@Laketown: That is exactly the moment I thought of.
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The OP list is very good.  Just thought I'd toss Overlord in the mix.  After all, you're meant to be an evil dude.

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 The KOTOR games had some really evil moments to them, but there was always one scene no matter how evil I played I always had to do the good thing. It's right when you go out into the city of tarus in KOTOR, and at the end of the walkway is an ithorian being picked on and bullied. I ALWAYS save him from the people bothering him because I feel so sad for the guy. 
As for Mass Effect, I'm not a fan of how that game handles being "evil'. It's more a douche bag then evil and I never really feel like I'm being bad when I try to play renegade in that game. 
Dragon Age on the other hand, now that game has some really fucking evil choices you can make and they are always presented in a way that you could understand how someone would choose to do them and see them as being for the greater good. Which is what makes them so dam evil and ingenious.  The greatest evils of the world always thought they were doing the right thing.

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@JB16 said:
" Have you ever seen the Shepard is such a jerk videos? EPIC.
Wow, thank you for linking that. I had no idea how terrible the male shepard's voice actor was until watching that. So glad I always picked lady shepard. She is such a bad ass.
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Fable and GTA

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Fallout:New Vegas can be soo fun when you're just fucking with people.
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While New Vegas does not have the best feedback instantly, I like their descriptions. Basically it's not good or bad, it's a bunch of things in between. It's always a bit frustrating when you can act very evil in some sense but the nature of the story still drags you over to the good side, making 'morality' completely useless.