video game characters i hate

Video Game characters i hate

In order

1. Rico Velasquez

Most useless, irritating video game character EVER!

2. Edgar Ross

You know why

3. Rahm Kota

Could have let Starkiller kill the Emperor which could have ended the war!

4. Carth Onasi

Whines about everything

5. Citadel Council

Biggest morons in the galaxy

6. The Illusive Man

He did some pretty f'ed up things

7. Donnel Udina

He is a satire on all politicians

8. Kaidan Alenko

He is Carth reincarnated

Posted by stoodspoon
Posted by rjayb89

I just came in here to say Rico from Killzone.

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Great list, the mass effect characters you listed annoys me alot except the illusive man. Rico, don't get me started.

Posted by benjaebe

Fucking Rico. I don't think anyone could NOT hate him.
Also, list needs more Herbert Moon.

Posted by stoodspoon
@HitmanAgent47: well the illusive man wasn't annoying he just did a lot of horrible things to people and aliens.
Posted by mordukai
@stoodspoon said:
" @HitmanAgent47: well the illusive man wasn't annoying he just did a lot of horrible things to people and aliens. "
None of which can be proven. The Illusive man makes the bilderberg group look like angels.
Posted by Burns098356GX

anything out of japan the last 10 years.

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Anyone in a sonic game who isn't sonic. 
EDIT: No wait, even Sonic. Everyone in a sonic game.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

Just Rico...I didn't even like any portrayal of characters in the last Killzone game.  The first game wasn't perfect but everyone was likeable enough.  For the second game everyone is an annoying a-hole.  I suppose we are not supposed to like the ISA in the second game, but the whole cast of characters is totally repugnant in the game .

Posted by ZeForgotten

I kinda like Rico, especially seeing how Killzone 3 looks. 
If he hadn't done what he did you would be playing Killzone Cart Racer or Killzone 3: Fishing Simulator next

Posted by soli

say hi to Vanille for me

Posted by Meteora

Ah yes, "Citadel Council". A bunch of idiots who manage the galaxy. We have dismissed that claim.

Posted by MatPaget
Dont you mean, "Herbert MOOOOOON"?
Posted by Omelet_Pants

I hate that annoying English guy from Assassin's Creed.  I just want to smack him whenever he talks. 

@Omelet_Pants: .... I have to disagree, he is the funniest character in the game, he's not annoying at all, just very sarcastic and therefore funny.
Posted by AhmadMetallic

so you're just sharing an 8-item list with us, four of which are from mass effect 
we all have lists you know! whatever, good list i guess

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Man... FUCK Rico.

Posted by Vodun
@benjaebe: I can see why he can be considered annoying, but for some reason I loved the idea why =P