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Add me. Big_eejit

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Sup duders! Begging for a ps4 code if anyone has a spare please?

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Egham, Surrey, Uk

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Hi, my origins friends list is empty, totally barren. I would like this situation to change. I am playing BF4 on PC and would like some duders to roll with. Please add me origin Id is 'Undiplomatically'

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@naru_joe93: hey man i had an issue with flash on nexus 7 2013, looks like kit kat phased out flash support? i dont know the ins and outs but i downloaded flashfox from the play store and that seems to work.... for now

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@rorie: alright cool thanks for getting back to me man

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@rorie: im getting the same things for all videos. I have started watching non-premium videos on youtube. Please help if you can. Chrome/windows 7 64 bit

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@turtlebird95: The game is being developed by 4 of the studios designers/artists now, the rest of the team are slowly moving over once all the Joe Danger stuff they are doing is wrapped up. The core of the studio is small but they do have other staffers to draw upon.

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I don't mind the ads they are short and kinda funny so not really a problem

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yours if you want it

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