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Hahaha. Not to necro, but this amused me because of how close to the Skyrim announcement this thread was. You ask, they deliver.

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Scumbag Major Nelson, a screenplay:

Angry Joe: "So it's actually easy to simply turn off the 24 hour online check-in-"

Major Nelson: *snatches microphone* "Oh, it's very easy? How do you know we can 'simply turn it off', are you on the developer team for the Xbox One"?

Joe: "Well, no-"

Nelson: "Yeah, that's what I thought"

-A Short Time Later-

Microsoft: *simply turns off the online check-in for the Xbox One*


...Based on a true story...

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@markwahlberg: Yes, definitely. You know what, just get a PS3 Super Slim, buy the Ico/Shadow of Colossus collection, download Journey, buy Heavy Rain and The Last of Us, and just enjoy some of the best gaming you will ever experience. Because console.

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@funkydupe: Are you kidding? That's the last thing both a company and a customer should want. I've been gaming with Dualshock for about 20 years. Thousands of hours. And never had a problem with it in all that time. It feels perfect in my hands. So why radically change that? Who does it help? All changes to the Dualshock should be incremental. For example, the touchpad. If it turns out the pad is in a bad place and the analog sticks get in the way, they can adjust the positioning slightly until it feels right. But change 15 things? Nobody at Sony would know how to fix any complaints. And we'd all be stuck with it for 8 years.

Small changes at a time are best for everyone.

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Microsoft may have said that they wouldn't be focusing on games at this event; but WHY? No matter how you look at it, only gamers generally follow events like this. Especially so early on. Were all the 60 year olds watching this? No; and if they were, why would they want to replace their Blu-Ray playing PS3 with something new that requires them to wave their arms and shout?

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600+ hours.  I could still play for quite awhile without DLC but I'm very anxious for it. This is because I play it right. I don't think that merely speccing my character to the max with "phat l00t" as fast as I can is the ultimate goal and after that I can put the game down and resume my "sicknasty" headshot killstreak on a shooter game.


: I wish DA2 wasn't buggy. Then maybe I wouldn't have had a "happily ever after" in the end-game narration with a character I broke up with who ended up hating me. 
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No game needs DLC. That's why i never buy DLC.

And I don't need food that tastes good, that's why I get all my nutrition through IV.

Qwahaha. Come to think of it, computers never need games, that's why I don't buy games. I mean, it came with Solitaire already. 
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I want DLC. The stuff people are talking about where the DLC would be expansion pack sized and have you return to places like Morrowind or Cyrodiil sounds awesome.

This. I would also think it would be awesome if it took place in Hammerfell. I love the whole desert wanderer feel the Redguard give me.

I love that feel too, and look forward to that GAME. But they will not release a whole province as DLC, unless it's ruined, post-apoc Morrowind. Let me repeat that, they will not release a new province as DLC. They always release a whole game for that, unless it's just a small, segregated piece, like Solstheim. They will not water down an entire province in that manner. I will barbecue my dog and feed some to my wife and tell her what it is mid bite if they do that.
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@Village_Guy: Look around the area closer, I think you find their killer with a note on him/her.
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@potatomash3r: "Loot" is boring. It's a concern outside of the game, not within it. I'd be bored with Skyrim too, if I was looking at it like a movie producer watches movies. 
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Skyrim is super, but I agree that its feel off.  Like Oblivion and even Morrowind before it I can't help but feel so limited in this massive world. 
Please, tell me of a massive open world sandbox RPG that has fewer limits than TES, because I want to play the hell out of that game. I don't think it exists, though. There are games that are almost as big, but they have more limits and fewer choices. There are games that give you more choices in the sense of options within a quest, but those are much smaller, which is a big limit in itself. Let's not make nonsensical criticisms -- if you have a problem with Skyrim's "limits",  you must have this same problem with all video games since none surpass Skyrim in this regard.
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Rest is all so....generic fantasy.
Only Oblivion had that generic fantasy feel (and that ends once you step into the Shivering Isles). Nothing about the land of Morrowind was generic and Skyrim has unique art style, music and lore. It has parallels with Lord of The Rings, but LoTR didn't have Dragon Gods, shouts, steampunk robots, CHIM, and it also wasn't a great video game.
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Massive open world RPGs are too far and few between. Plus, I'm itching to try different playstyles. I've been a balance of all 3 classes on my first playthrough, so I want to experience it three more times as a warrior, rogue and mage.

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@ArfArfPsycho:  I never said chainmail would be ineffective against swords

@ArfArfPsycho:   the only real effective armour that would stop a straight stab from a sword, or even a glancing slash, is heavy plate armour

You later go on to say that chainmail would be cumbersome for a rogue. And full chain certainly would and be noisy to boot. But you could have armor that is made of some parts soft leather, some parts hard leather (maybe with metal studs) and even some portions fortified with chainmail. It wouldn't be cumbersome but would be pretty protective.