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Yeah... so... a game of this size simply wouldn't be possible on the PS3 unless they made it look about the same. It costs 5 times more to produce a game in HD, versus ED(Enhanced definition which is what Wii is...) That's why Final Fantasy XIII isn't nearly as vast as Final Fantasy XII. I have Xenoblade, and the world is a lot bigger than even Final Fantasy XII. Xenoblade on PS3 would cost too much, and would take too much timel. Afterall, Square has said, that to remake Final Fantasy VII in Final Fantasy XIII quality would take 10 years~! That's crazy! Anyway, Nintendo owns Monolith, creator of Xenoblade/Xenosaga/Xeno gears/Baten Kaitos. It would be pretty sweet to see it in awesome PS3 quality though. Someday, it'll be possible. Costs will come down, and we'll have better tech to make games in HD faster. For now though, we just have to accept, we can't have super amazing HD graphics and huge expansive world at the same time.