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I -just- had this issue with God of War 3, but I adjusted the OPTIONS (right side of the search field) to show only games. That is all.

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Ready Player One - welcome to OASIS Facebook.

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"It's better than actual sticks, honest!"

edit: it might totally be by the way, we shouldn't judge this thing before trying it.

I believe it. I'd have to look it up for specifics, but back in the day of the NES I had a controller with a track pad instead of a d-pad, and it was awesome (and that was OLD tech.)

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I voted Troy Baker, because Josh Brolin is a better Tommy Lee Jones (as evidenced in M.I.B.3).

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Whoa, whoa, whoa... I was going to update a list by adding more games to it, but there's no more 'add to list' button on game pages? Am I totally overlooking it? (My first attempt since the site make-over.) Have they removed it temporarily to deal with stability issues, or permanently perhaps (surely not)?

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What's this?!? I glanced through all the posts, and don't see any that agree with how I pronounce her name: LAIR-AH.

Lara is the feminine form of Larry, so it only makes sense.

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@BraveToaster: I thought I read one of their 'rules' was to not talk about hackers on the message boards. That could have been their reason for the original ban. I'm surprised you were able to contact their customer support and get it resolved. I guess they're trying to improve?
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@Ghostiet: Just be patient. There are still a lot of games to be given out. 
@girdz: If he hasn't contacted you yet, he will. See his response to BillyTheKid on the previous page (page 22). He'll have to send you the individual codes.
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Thank you: 
@Branthog (it does indeed redeem via Steam) for doing what you do, 
@christopherson329 for donating Brazen, 
@MrMooEar and the Double Fine folks, of course. 
"Jeff bless us, everyone."