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There's something very 2006 about the way that dude is animated.

More like 2007 if you ask me.

I agree 100%. I thought this was going to be like a teaser for another Darkness game at first (I've just started playing the Darkness 2 last week).

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@ajamafalous: This was pretty much my thinking. I also think their first 4 games aren't as hard as Slaps does. Sure, the team might not end up going 13-3 again or in the Super Bowl, but I don't see the team being weaker right now. Them losing half of their first 4 games doesn't jive with me with the way things stand at this moment.

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@jasonr86: Notice how much better our defense was when all of the starting linebackers got injured, that is not a coincidence. Sadly, I couldn't watch the game 'cause I live in a market that caters to Jags and Bucs fans. People are still sleeping on Wake.

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@rorie: I get that was a joke, but I wouldn't be shocked if Washington won the NFC East or finished dead last. That whole offense other than Alfred Morris is setup to hit a home run or go out swinging. The main thing is if that defense will get any better. I hope they do well as I'm a fan of baby Gruden and my aunt and mother are friends with the family of one of their new offensive coaches, Bret Munsey, who was the head coach of Bon Jovi's arena football team when they won the championship.

@mocbucket62: I'm right there with you. I'd much prefer if we, the Dolphins, either went to the playoffs or sucked enough to get a top 5 pick. Fuck this constant middling, slightly good, or kind of bad bullshit. I only see the organization improving if we suck a couple of years to bank top picks and prospects, or hope that the coaching and players have gotten revamped enough to instill winning atmosphere. I'm doubtful about the latter, but I like the way the offense is going it just doesn't seems to be going far enough if the preseason is any real indication of things to come.

@slaps2: I think you're overestimating the value of losing Welker and how good Vick still is (I'd argue he's one of the most overrated NFL players in the last decade, though one of the best athletes in that same span). That Denver offense still has plenty of options to keep players being matchup nightmares for defenses and one of the highest scoring teams without Welker. The team might go 2-2 in the first 4 games, but I see 3-1 just as likely as I think the Cardinals, Chiefs, and Colts might not be as good as they were last year.

As far as Vick goes, he is someone that wouldn't start on most teams. He's pretty much always been relatively average or below average as a passer (however he does have great arm strength). Now, he's older and lost some of his speed, quickness, and reaction time, things he regularly used to extend plays, get big gains, and keep defenders guessing. Not to mention, he's being held together by bubblegum and scotch tape, so even if someone is fine with his skill set now they have to be fine almost knowing he's likely to miss a decent number of games when he inevitably gets injured.

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I'd like FTL or Garry's Mod if either of those are still available.

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Remember, just because there will be a few matches this weekend it doesn't mean that you can't sign up.

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Ok, but that doesn't address the fact that this just looks like Zelda in Link's clothing. If that is what they wanted, cool. I just think they should make it a costume for Zelda at that point.

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I feel that this just looks like Zelda in Link's clothing. Why not just make another cool, original female character?

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This is the right amount of dumb so I can't be mad this has a lot of views.

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What does Jeff Gerstmann make of this news?