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Goddamn! I can't wait to read about the rest of this. This is like 10-year-old me waiting to find out if Goku finally kills Freeza level of anticipation.

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$98.6 million

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Just started playing for the first time. My ID is PastaGeddon.

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@gaspower: The linebacking corps for the Dolphins wasn't good with an exception of a player or two at best. We should have found someone better than Cortland Finnegan to pair with Grimes last season. I think Brice McCain is a good nickel corner, which is nice to have, but we need someone that we drafted already or someone we get this year to put out on the perimeter.

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I'm actually pretty happy with what my Dolphins have done so far. I may not like losing Clay and Starks, but we got rid of Ellerbe and the disappointing Wallace while managing to get a good, young receiver at a cheap price in Stills. I hope Suh continues to be a force up the middle after he has received his big contract since the attention he'll require will free up things for Wake.

Hope the Dolphins draft a receiver this year since there are so many good ones to be had and maybe another TE that can stretch the seams. My main hopes are that we sure up our defense! We need a young DT later on, at least one capable corner or safety, and a competent LB. As always I'd suggest we draft a QB if someone like Cato or Connor Halliday are available later than we think they should be or the best player available, some o-line depth in the later rounds, and kick the tires on a RB or two since there are almost always too many talented ones to not take a chance on.

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This seems like a rebranding kind of thing to improve Konami's name or they're preparing for some kind of joke. I can't take this in a Kojima is moving on from Konami sort of way unless there is some definitive evidence that points to it being the case.

For all we know Konami offered him a raise, pay bump, even more control or freedom, or continue use of resources in exchange for having his name being featured less.

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$52.4319 million

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I really like 1, 2, 5, and 6 about the same.

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I used to love playing with the hidden blades in loading times of the older Assassin's Creed games.

I really like making my spaceship in Warframe go up and down while loading (syncing up with others makes it a lot more satisfying).

It probably doesn't count, but I love games that have tight controls that just let me spin a character like a top.