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Hey Patrick, this is why you are one of the best journalist in the industry. Small stories like this are way more interesting than the dozens upon dozens of stories of BS other sites push through. And for the record you responded to my questions when I PMed you about EGM a few years back. Kudos.

Edit: Oh and regarding the story, I agree with @make_me_mad it's nice to see people talking on Twitter rather than simply reacting.

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@white: This is what I do. I preorder games off Amazon all the time, it doesn't cost a thing and reviews usually come out before release or in the case that they come out on launch, if the game is shit I just return it back. Easy system for me.

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Yup, I was not sure if this was a preorder I wanted to make but with this new DLC I'm in, fuck it.

For the record I hate these competing preorder bonuses but if there is something I think may be cool and I already want the game, it doesn't hurt.

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If I catch my trains when I arrive I can be home from the city in about 25 to 30 mins. I'm only 3 stops away from the last stop off the L train so sometimes go the other way until I hit the end of the line on the train so I can have a longer ride back home, lets me finish a podcast or read a few more pages in my book.

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Most of us know whats on the shelves at your average game shop but that's not always the case. Have you ever bought a game simply because you picked it up off the shelf and liked what you saw? What's your best experience with that?

For me it was Syphon Filter. I bought it at my local EB back in the PSX era simply because the cover art was interesting and I'm so happy I did, I was blown away by his awful running animation but fantastic action sequences.

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Yeah I think I will ask for it for Christmas. Like Patrick does, I could get it myself but I probably wouldn't buy it so I'll ask my wife for it.

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Thanks for this Patrick. I'm sorry about your father passing. And Ryan, we miss you duder.

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Thanks Rorie. Go get 'em boy!

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Imagine Dragon's Night Visions has been on constant iPod rotation.

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Rest in peace duder.