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So whats everyone doing this weekend?

Friday: I picked up Diablo Reaper of Souls for the PS4 so my wife and I will be giving that a go tonight.

Saturday: Well plans changed from what we were going to do so now it's a bit up in the air.

Sunday: Same here, we were going to be in NJ but the car broke down and now we'll probably be huddled indoors trying to keep warm. Winter in NY is a horror show. Probably have some drinks at home and play more Reaper of Souls and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Whats your weekend look like?

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GameStop has a deal.

Or trade in your 3DS or 2DS and get $75 towards New 3DS XL.

But there's a catch.

That all sounds like a good deal, except if you trade in your old 3DS you won't have it around to transfer your data over to the new one. Which sort of sucks.

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I'm more shocked that EGM lives than Jason.

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Patrick made Giant Bomb such a fun place every October. I'll miss Shocktober the most.

Also, when I got my writing job with the new EGM and I shot him a message to try and get some insight and he warned me of a few things that came to be very useful during my brief stint working there.

Thanks for everything Patrick, you'll be missed, dude.

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I'm all for this! Not weirder Patrick, better! I own both consoles, this reminds me of the 16 bit days :)

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Love the setting, don't care about the game. Maybe after 16 full length gameplay trailers they'll convince me.

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Will these unfinished games get called out and win biggest disappointment of the year or will Jeff get what he wants and make Destiny disappointment of the year.

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This is amazing.

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Hopefully she lands somewhere where she can spread her wings.