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I'm all for this! Not weirder Patrick, better! I own both consoles, this reminds me of the 16 bit days :)

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Love the setting, don't care about the game. Maybe after 16 full length gameplay trailers they'll convince me.

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Will these unfinished games get called out and win biggest disappointment of the year or will Jeff get what he wants and make Destiny disappointment of the year.

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I had this game on my wishlist and this article just pushed me over the top. Purchased.

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This is amazing.

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Hopefully she lands somewhere where she can spread her wings.

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Thanks for speaking about this guys. I was saying similar to what Jeff just said but he was a tad more articulate ;)

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Thanks for talking about this Patrick, I tweeted her on your advice and let her know I stand with her.

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It's so refreshing getting these type of updates from devs and not publishers. If these were previews (in the traditional sense) I read in a magazine or website I'd be so much more interested in the game because it feels like actual humans are talking to us about a game they are making rather than robots on PR cycles.

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I'll my voice to the chorus. I think Brad's doing a great job. Also Matt is great on the show.