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Great write up, Patrick!

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Hmm I'll wait a bit before I judge this.

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I have two friends that were hypnotized to not want to smoke anymore, they were both life long smokers, one was an ex marine the other just some dude. Both haven't touched a cig since that day. Good luck, it can be done.

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Wow, pretty crazy sis. (I know). It would have been nice to split the team in two, Ken's smaller team and a bigger one, but I suppose that wouldn't make much financial sense. Also @chazzlabs a 'core gamer is just short hand for a hardcore gamer, what that means is up for debate but it usually means people that make gaming as a major priority in their lives. Sometimes it's used to describe the types of gamers that come to and frequent sites like Giant Bomb, although many other variations exist. I know you were probably being sarcastic but I wanted to ignore that for the moment.

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Every couple of weeks yeah. He's great at it but I love when Jeff hosts, he seems more engaged.

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What an awesome story! Glad this was brought up on the Bombcast, I might have missed it.

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Agreed. I like Garnett a lot and though he did play too much devil's advocate, and whine too much at times, and bring up his girlfriend randomly, I was always still fan though. Sounds like he starting a new show eventually.

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Weekend Confirmed's last episode came this weekend to anyone interested. It was pretty sad but cool to hear almost everyone that's been on the show.

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Good idea, I'm all for it.