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From what I remember reading, The Awoken in The Reef don't really care for any Awoken outside of The Reef. I don't remember where I read that, might have been on a website or on those dumb cards, but yeah, I remember that from somewhere.

But even then, none of it is ever worded that way (outside the grimoire that is) so there is no context given for it, leaving you confused and your character seemingly stupid.

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Yup! Absolutely!

I play as a female Awoken and am among many others , but somehow it seemed like some mystical race no one ever sees. They didn't think of making them some "rogue" elite that separates itself from the rest of civilization out of feeling of superiority or something.

They really had a problem with the story in this game.

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Hmmm. That's weird. :/

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Hey guys, I'm trying to sign in to PSN on my PS4 but it gives me an error. Their website defines the error as the servers not being available. My connection is perfectly fine when I test it and I can't see anywhere that says there's maintenance or a problem of any kind.

Soooo, am I the only one? Like I said, I'm in Canada, so maybe it's specific to here.

Thanks for the help and sorry if this is discussed somewhere else already.

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I saw some Q&A recently where they said that people new or unfamiliar to the franchise will be able to enjoy it on it's own, but that obviously, people with more knowledge of it will enjoy more of the references.

I seem to also remember reading there was going to be some sort of codex or compendium equivalent where you can read a bit on that stuff.

In short, you'll be fine. Dan Ryckert, a man who has explicitly said he hates the movies, seems to be enjoying the game a whole bunch.

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He needs to play the HD versions, no debate in my opinion. There's no reason other than "He needs to experience it like it was", which I think is dumb since the games are the same for all intents and purposes.

I'm guessing it's mostly going to be up to Dan, but the few minor differences are worth it just to get what I feel was a better experience.

Edit: Otherwise, if they don't go for that, they absolutely need to go with the Substance/Subsistence versions.

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God damn... Sorry for your loss Jeff. You were always very subtle in the details of your personal life (justifiably so) but things seemed to be doing better from the little you did say. Know that you've got plenty of people behind you.

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The solution to overpopulation is to live in space.

And the ocean.

And the sky.

Bioshock style.

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I am going to buy this game guys.

I really will... I can't help it!!!

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I've heard of people having more issues with fusion rifles than shotguns in the crucible because they have a little bit of range to them.

This. Shotguns are very powerful at close-range, but put even a tiny bit of distance between you and your target and it becomes almost useless, reckless even if you consider its rate of fire. The fusion rifle on the other hand can be used at medium range and will often result in an instant-kill.