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I started playing Destiny again after a few months.

I'm not entirely serious and never use a mic, but I play pretty well with a team. The guys I used to play with kind of don't play anymore. So, if anybody wants another member in their clan/team/friends list, I'm available.

PS4: Strife777

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I didn't watch the fight because 1. Boxing is booooooring and 2. $100? Get the fuck outta here!

I'm not taking anything away from those two, skills wise, but once you've tasted MMA, I really don't see why you would bother with boxing. Isn't the whole point to prove who's a better fighter? Boxing is so restrictive. That whole clinching bullshit is stupid when used as a defense. I mean, I realise there needs to be rules and regulations, otherwise we might as well have "bum fights", but the UFC is doing perfectly fine in that department, but is vastly more entertaining.

The aggression argument is a valid one. Again, I know these aren't "real" fights, they're sport, but it's still a sport trying to simulate those conditions. Playing a defensive game is only going to help you for so long, you need to be active.

Also, fuck Mayweather and his (allegedly) wife-beating, child-harassing ass.

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Man, these guys are really low-balling these goals. They just added two stretch goals, one is cleared, the other will easily be in the next 24 to 48 hours.

I'm really surprised at how popular this thing is. Kind of peaked my interest.

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You forgot this option: "No and I don't want him to be."

I love the Joker, but enough. We get it, arch-nemesis bla bla bla.

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The only character I don't care much for is Ferra/Torr.

My favorite would probably have to be Cassie Cage.

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I have Mark of the Ninja but never played it either (yes, shame on me). If it's anything like this game, then great. I thought it was very enjoyable.

I got frustrated in spots, but that was mostly due to me aiming for perfect stealth. I love Shao Jun's design, but unfortunately, the story is a little thin and doesn't really give her much of a character. There is quite a bit of backstory you can read though.

If you have played Freedom Cry and more importantly Rogue, you know what the box is. That thing traveled.

Anyway, I definitely recommend it.

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I'm trying to beat Ebrietas in one of my Great Isz Chalice Dungeon.

That fucking charge attack...

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I stuck with the saw cleaver and the blunderbuss for the vast majority of the game, only switching to the Tonitrus (electric mace) a few times.

I'm sort of ambivalent on whether or not that's a good thing. On one hand, it's cool that the weapons come down to taste and you're not basically "forced" to change because you're under powered. On the other, sometimes, being forced to change things up can be a good thing, to get you out of your comfort zone.

I feel the same way about armor. I kind of stuck with the same stuff for the whole game.

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I think it looks great. I'm all for being different. I don't want Nicholson's Joker, Heath Ledger's Joker, Hamill's Joker, The Killing Joke Joker, etc. I want new takes on characters.

I do think Joker would have crazier and more "random" tattoos, but hey, who knows. Also, it's one picture, completely outside of the movie and we literally don't know anything about that version of the character other than what he looks like. Jared Leto is actually a great actor who dedicates himself physically to his roles (quite like our previous Batman, Christian Bale, weirdly enough), so I'm optimistic.