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I personally would recommend that people do play it, but as far as Drew and the feature goes, I'm not sure it's necessary or appropriate. The format of it all, from mission structure to cutscenes, just doesn't seem to lend itself well to what they're doing. I think they can skip it without too much trouble.

Now if Drew ends up deciding to play MGS5 in the future, I might argue that Peace Walker is important to his understanding of it all. But we're not nearly there yet.

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I always thought it was the weirdest thing when some of my friends/cousins would call their parents by their first name.

I've never done it and never will. Mom and Dad is what they are. Otherwise, it just seems too... impersonal? Like they're no more than acquaintances or something.

I mean, it's not like I call my sister "Sister", uncles "Uncle" and so on and so forth, but it just doesn't work with parents, I feel.

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Lvl 29 Hunter

Never got to finish the raid, but I've done different parts of it different amounts of time.

I don't have a schedule and I rarely can use my mic when I play (people sleeping), but I follow well and am down for whatever/whenever, just invite if you need. Just add me....please?

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Meh. I love the guy, but that's all up to him. I'm sure he's got plenty of work already.

Either way, I'd be cool with it.

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Thank fucking god.

To think that the most used video service *EVER* has only implemented it now, is just mind boggling. I get that they're all about "efficiency", low bit-rate and all, but man.

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That's interesting. I'm not sure it will help the issue, considering the short time of the interviews and the satirical tinge of it, but it will obviously give great exposure.

I tend to disagree with her for the most part, but that Gamergate shit needs to be shut the fuck down. Unfortunately, a lot of the "outside world" will look at this and see all gamers that way (possibly?)

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If you would've told me 10 years ago that Marvel would be the biggest franchise going by far, I probably wouldn't believe you.

It baffles me that not only have they not fucked up yet, they only seem to be getting better. Disney sure made a good decision when they bought them.

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Yes, not because it's necessary, but simply because it is an amazing game.

Play it.

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I do not own a Wii U and probably won't for a while atleast.

I am considering buying this game at full price.

Take that as you will.

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If you look at the "Sauron's Army" screen, or the nemesis screen if you prefer, you'll see either a corpse of the captain or a head on a pike. The former means they might (probably will) come back. The latter means you decapitated them and they're dead for good. I don't think there's any way to cut their heads off for sure, it's just random.

I don't think there's any explanation for it other than "orcs are tough motherfuckers."

Edit: The whole nemesis system is just genius. It's a great way to give your enemies personality and continuity. I expect many games will "copy" it.