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It didn't crash a single time for me and I've played several hours.

It's probably an issue on your side.

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On a good day I can get up to 18 Mb/s but will normally average around 14, which always seemed insane to me. That is until I learned, a few years back, that people get sometimes over a hundred for the same price in other countries (I'm in Canada). This blows my fucking mind!

My upload speed is sort of shit. I barely even get 1 Mb/s, but it's not like I really send stuff out anyway.

So couple this with the fact that we have bandwidth caps and you get me being pissed off at our country being so behind.

(I'm not quite sure how much it costs, my parents pay around $130 a month, I think, for internet, TV and phone. I pay the additional 10$ a month for the extra bandwidth.)

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Great talk, that was cool. You said things I've heard you say in other places (Jar Time, podcast,etc.), but I liked it.

It's almost as if you were some kind of expert. Almost.

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It's a great game. I'm in for whatever else those guys make.

Is it a sleeper hit? I don't know really, seems like it'll do fine, but not great.

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Nothing, because I can't watch HBO without getting fucking cable or some shit. Get with the times HBO!

To be fair, HBO tends to have pretty stellar shows, but they need to make it more accessible.

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Oh please! That must be another one of those damned rumors....

Wait, WHHHHAAT!? It is real you say?! Preposterous.

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It's his angelic voice. It soothes you into a deep sleep. He wants you to be as sleepy as he always is.

Basically, Brad is Morpheus. Yes, that one.

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God, why is this such a big fucking thing. Am I a monster for not being shocked by what happens in that game? Or for thinking it's perfectly fine for a story to go there?

I'd just like people (Patrick included) to explain what the fuck it even means to try too hard. When does something go from being dark and edgy in a genuine way to being dark in edgy in a forced way?

Do you know what happens in real life? What has happened in real life? The game isn't being far-fetched (minus any supernatural thing of course). Anyway, I don't even know if I have the energy for that kind of debate. I'll gladly admit some of MGS's faults, but I just don 't get this.

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Fuck no. I'm absolutely excited for The Phantom Pain.

I think Ground Zeroes is totally fine, in almost every aspect. I don't really feel like arguing about it though.

The game still has plenty of time left to improve upon the criticism laid on Ground Zeroes, except maybe the story or writing, which could be difficult to change at this point, but who knows.

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Say what you want about Resident Evil 5, the NG+ was fantastic. I probably played through that game a dozen times. If you skipped the cutscenes, you could get through in a very few hours.

That definitely made it worse when I lost all my saves after I sent my PS3 to be repaired. I couldn't back them up beforehand, the power supply was toast, so it wouldn't start and at the time, I had nowhere to put the HDD.