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Call of Duty 4 and UFC 2009 Undisputed.

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Good job. I still haven't got a chance to get RB2, but in the first one I have one song left on Expert.

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Yeah, I have it done. The second I got the second level it wasn't that hard and shot the guy at the end with one shot.

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I stopped playing it when I realized I missed two pigeons, didn't feel like searching all the spots again so I'm done with 97.5%.

You shouldn't want to rush the game just so you're done with it, take your time and try to enjoy it again.

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I thought it was a great game. Almost everything is what I initially expected from it but the crowds could have been a bit more diverse. The combat and all the other gameplay elements felt smooth and fluid which made it an interesting game to play.

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I plan on getting it this week and as for a character it's already decided on the Orange Knight.

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I know the avatar is Hugh Laurie, I meant to say I saw a side by side image of Eric Clapton with Gordon Freeman and it looked identical. Give me a break man, I just woke up.

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I saw this other picture of Eric Clapton and it looks exactly like Gordon Freeman.

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I picked up the first season of it on dvd last month, the second one just came out this week so I'll have to get around to that. I'm stoked for the third season to start in september, just an awesome show.

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Yeah, 1080p.