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Yeah, you did the right thing. I'm not sure what I would do if put in a similar situation.

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Very sad news. I feel bad for his family and co-stars.

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What was the name of that PS3 launch title that featured riding a dragon and sucked total ass?

It looked beautiful (at the time) but the gameplay was completely redundant and boring.

Well, Ryse reminds me of that.

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I'm quite surprised by the discrepancy in price. I thought gaming was particularly expensive in Japan?

Sorry, I can't help with the potential issues.

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Thats terrible, and a shame.

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I agree OP. Its reaching absurd heights.

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Excellent article, Scoops! I remember going to the cinema twice to watch The Blair Witch. Both times there was dead silence when the credit came up.

V/H/S/2 is pretty good. There is one stand-out segment in particular.

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Like everyone else said, I don't think it'll happen. SE don't have any investors in FFXIV to answer to.

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How far into the game is he? Anor Londo? Returning to the game after such a long gap sounds like it could be a real ball ache.

So many bad gameplay habits to overcome!