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The trailer looks super bad, but LOTRO is actually an enjoyable experience.

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@George_Hukas said:

What makes this an amazing indie game and that last South Park game a terrible platformer?

Indie is code word for pretentious

My thoughts exactly and Patrick is just as pretentious to go with it. God, he is really turning Giant Bomb into Kotaku, one article at a time.

Here is how his logic works:

"Oh, a big budget release? Here's a list of things I don't like about it."

"Oh, it's an indie game? Here's what I like about it."

Somehow indie games escape any kind of criticism.


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After watching BR's quick look of well...BR, I just knew they would have Patrick for the other one to fuck it up and what do ya know.. :(

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@zyn said:

@SlickWillyJJ said:

No Jeff or Vinny, and Patrick's there. No thanks. I'll wait for next week's podcast.

Indeed. Patrick is annoying as FUCK!


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Goddamnit Patrick. You find faults in EVERYTHING everyone else likes, but when a shitty arty game like Dear Esther comes out you just have to go on and on about how great and deep it is, even though it's not even a GAME.

Please leave!

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I like how Brad's vocabulary becomes more and more vulgar during the course of the quick look.

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Wait. Dave Snider instead of Patrick? Sign me the fuck up!

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If Ryan hasn't played through this, then I am convinced Patrick has. This defies every rule the Endurance Run was built upon. I am disappoint.

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Endurance run without Jeff or Vinny? And fucking Patrick? That's the best you could do? PATRICK? Cancelling my subscription. 2 months without any noteworthy subscriber content and now this?