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Is it just me, or does it seem like EA Games is getting back into the groove of minor tweaks and roster updates with the FIFA franchise? The new graphics engine, which is exclusive to next-gen consoles, doesn't impress me at all (but then again, neither do other games announced for the new systems), the fact that they are advertising ball physics as much as they are really seems like they're grasping for straws etc etc.
I just wish they would fix some generally game-ruining stuff before adding minor features and tweaks as if they thought they were pretty much done with the core game, which they are absolutely not. The rubber-band-AI is awful and higher difficulties just make it cheaper and harsher, rather than having the CPU use better tactics. Team balance and performance is also completely effed up, I mean I get that it tries to be at least a little balanced, but no way does FC Köln play as well as Real Madrid. Defending is a joke with defenders running at each other, not cutting off runs and blocking flanks etc. The accuracy of the passing is also willy nilly. Animations and game flow don't even remind me of actual football, even with the game speed set to slow.
And that's just gameplay stuff. I personally love playing career modes in sports games and the career mode is uh...decent, but there are also problems. I hate how the stats only change based on the age of the player. It just seems silly that every player below 20 years of age suddenly starts gaining stats as if they're the next Ronaldo or something. Player potential should be completely randomized, which I think would make playing multiple career modes also more interesting. Also, there isn't really much to do once you've got your squad set up and spent your money except for playing matches I suppose. Doing interviews before matches doesn't really do jack either.

Just a lot of stuff that seems iffy about the last game, which I'm pretty sure they won't address because they don't really have to, to sell copies of the game and that makes me sad. What they have now has the potential to be really fun and great if they'd just fix a couple of fundamental stuff.

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@WasabiCurry: Thanks for the awesome advice. The only thing I don't quite get is the fan speed. MSI Afterburner also has an AUTO setting for the fan and I'm wondering if that's enough or should I crank it up just a little bit just to be sure?

Also, a big thank you to everyone else who gave advice!

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Hey guys, as you can imagine, I am one of those guys who really wants to "get" how overclocking works, but completely fails at it.

To make a long story short, I bought a Geforce 640 and right now I'm trying to overclock it, but I am scared shitless by voltage clocks and memory clocks and so on.

I'm using MSI Afterburner, but actually, I have no idea what I'm doing. Any help? Pointers? I also know about FurMark.

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Already checked pretty much everywhere and I'm slowly losing my mind.

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One of my newest xbox 360 controllers has all but disappeared off the face of the earth. Is it possible to somehow locate controllers that are synced to my xbox?

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That's what gets me too, people with worse specs are experiencing better performance with games. I am FAIRLY sure my PC is using the Geforce card as intended.

As I mentioned before, the game even recommends higher settings which make it even worse.

EDIT: Okay, I tried running Witcher 2 on the lowest possible settings and it STILL lags up a storm on random occasions. Sure, it was a little more stable, but still fairly horrible. I'm at my wit's end.

EDIT 2: Also tried uninstalling NVIDIA's 3D vision drivers. Didn't change a thing.

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I turned the memory size down, but nothing really changed. Even the menu screen lags when I pause the game, I just don't get it. Should I just drop the whole thing?

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Honestly, these are the settings that Witcher 2 is still giving me trouble at. The FPS also seems to jump between either 15 or a solid 50 at random. I know Witcher 2 is not the most optimized game ever, but even at settings where the game looks worse than, I dunno, Company Of Heroes, it's still giving me a slide show. I've also tried turning the texture memory size to the lowest setting with no clear difference in the performance.
Funny thing is, when I let the game auto-detect the best settings, it recommends high-end stuff, which makes it run like garbage.