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@bukkookkub: Hey thanks for checking it out. I used to work for ESPN Video Games so I'm all about all video games, including but not limited to sports games. Glad you appreciated it. 
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@Chavtheworld: Yes. i am the man on camera holding the microphone. In fact all of the videos I've put on my blog here I've done myself and it is what i want to do with my life so I always appreciate compliments. Thanks for watching again and good luck to you and your cousin.
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@Chavtheworld: Yes, you can play the multiplayer modes over Wi-Fi and it was mentioned as having "Several dozen" levels so I think that's a good sign for content/play time. Thanks for the view!
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@ZombiePie: Thanks for featuring my MLB 11 The Show review!
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I had a chance to head to the Sega Spring Showcase this year in New York City and got a hands on preview of Super Monkey Ball 3D. Classic Monkey Ball action will find itself as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS on March 27, 2011, and will feature brand new multiplayer modes as well as utilize all of the 3DS's new social features.    

  -Ray Carsillo 
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I had a chance to go and get a first hand look at some of the new titles being launched this spring from SEGA. The next title that I looked at is the PC exclusive Total War: Shogun 2, a real-time and turn-based strategy games based in feudal Japan. Shogun 2 adds a lot of brand new features on top of the first Shogun including new clans, provinces, and naval battles and will be available March 15, 2011.       

  -Ray Carsillo
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I had a chance to catch up with some of the folks from SEGA and get his hands on several titles at their annual Sega Spring Showcase in New York City. The first of the titles that we had a chance to look at was Virtua Tennis 4. I went hands on with the PS3 3D version, but it will also be available for Xbox 360 Kinect, Nintendo Wii, and PC on May 10, 2011.     

  - Ray Carsillo
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At the 2011 SEGA Spring Showcase, I had a chance to talk with David Pellas , the Design Director from High Voltage Software and SEGA's Conduit 2. David and I talked about the massive facelift given to the franchise and what fans can expect from this go around with Mr. Ford and the ASE. New weapons, more locales, and huge bosses just scratch the surface of what was talked about in anticipation of this Wii-exclusive's April 19, 2011, release. 

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@AjayRaz: I'm not with CGR anymore, but thanks for checking out the video. 
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I had a chance at the 2011 Sega Spring Showcase to check out some of Yakuza 4. Fans of Japanese culture will go absolutely nuts with this fourth installment of the series. On top of this, the series returns to the more urban Japan landscape of the first two games and sees a return of the Hostess Clubs. One new change for the series is that now there are four stories in one as many new characters are introduced in this latest chapter of the series. Yakuza 4 will hit store shelves March 15, 2011.