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Another One Hit Out of the Yard 3

Spring Training may be in full swing, but you can jump right into games that matter as MLB 11 The Show is here! How does it stack up to previous iterations of what has become the premiere baseball franchise on the market though? Quite simply, this is the biggest and best version of The Show yet. It’s hard to one-up yourself every year with a sports franchise, but even if all of them don’t quite work as well as Sony’s San Diego studio would like, it’ll give them something to work on perfecting...

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Chew on this Galactus! 0

In high school and even later in college, my friends and I back in Jersey would head over to the mall arcade maybe once a week and feed a ton of quarters into our favorite machines. A couple guys would settle into the chair of a racer like Initial-D , but I would always head over to the Marvel vs Capcom 2 cabinet. This went on until I graduated college and the arcade, like many others in Jersey, closed down.  Fortunately for me, shortly after that, Capcom would give us Marvel vs Capcom junkie...

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Stack This! 0

They had us save a world of metal and then showed us that there is still a little magic left in Halloween. So what would the folks at Double Fine Productions have for us next? Well, they felt we needed a little bit of a break and could play with some dolls. Specifically, Russian matryoshka, or babushka, dolls. In Stacking, you are in a world similar to ours during the industrial revolution near the turn of the 20 century, but the entire population is made up of babushka dolls of varying sizes ...

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Brainiac Rises 0

Growing up, I always dreamed of being a superhero. I wore a blue blanket around my neck as a cape and ran around the house vanquishing invisible enemies with what I perceived as martial arts, but that my parents probably thought might be closer to some kind of interpretive dance (I’ve always been a very uncoordinated individual). So, it makes some sense that the only MMORPGs I ever had any real interest in were the ones that let me make my own superhero. Great MMORPGs are supposed to be able to...

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Don't Come Out of the Shadow 0

Often in games, shadows are nothing more than minor details we look at when deciding how good the graphics are. But what if the entire story of a game revolved around these barely acknowledged details? Lost in Shadow from Hudson Entertainment begins at the top of a mighty tower that stretches far beyond the clouds. There, someone who looks like a cheap Darth Vader wannabe strikes a boy in chains with a sword and the boy’s shadow slips away. The cloaked figure then takes the shadow and flings i...

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Rearmed and Dangerous 0

While growing up, I passed on playing the original Bionic Commando for the NES. Money was tight, there wasn’t as much media covering video games to help us make informed decisions, and I was only three years old. But I had always heard later on just how awesome it was to use a grappling hook to get around and shoot pseudo-Nazis and felt I missed out. Of course, 20 years later I would get my chance when the original Bionic Commando would be remade as a 2.5 D port named Bionic Commando Rearmed ...

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Psychosis Never Looked So Good 0

They may not be able to hear you scream in space, but I need to start this review by apologizing to my neighbors, because here on Earth I think most of my apartment complex heard my piercing wails of fright while playing Dead Space 2. And although not the longest single player campaign, my gameplay experience was spread across several more days than usual for me because I could only make any significant progress while the sun was up. Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself and admitted how...

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Working Like a Dog 0

   It’s a classic story: The good hearted criminals who are looking for that last big score so they can ride off into the sunset comfortably and with a pretty lady in tow. Unfortunately, when you’re hired thugs Kane and Lynch, these situations usually end up going awry before they even get started. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days sees our anti-heroes brought together again a few years after the end of the first game. Lynch has fallen into a nice situation as an enforcer for the number two crime lord ...

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"Who is Deadliest?" 0

     Microsoft officially kicked off their Summer of Arcade 2010 last night with the release of Limbo, but considering my next review subject was just released last week, I don’t see why it couldn’t be part of this awesome event highlighting original XBL titles. Of course, I am talking about Spike Games’ Deadliest Warrior: The Game available now.Based on Spike’s TV show of the same name, Deadliest Warrior: The Game takes seven combatants from the first season and the Roman Centurion from the sec...

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A Great Game in Disguise 0

For well more than twenty years, Transformers has permeated our pop culture in ways few things have. Several successful cartoon series, a successful movie franchise, and the action figures that started it all and still fly off the store shelves. The one place that Transformers has lacked proper representation though has been in video game format. Until now.Transformers: War for Cybertron is a look back at why the robots in disguise that we all know and love were forced to leave their home planet...

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Ground and Pound 0

They are modern day gladiators as fans cheer for knockout blows and bone breaking submissions. It is the fastest growing sport in America and is wowing fans with both the technical precision and sheer brutality its athletes need in order to just be competitive, never mind to try to reach superstar status. Of course, I am talking about MMA and its premiere league, the UFC. As with every sport in modern America though, you haven't really made the full impact your capable of on the popular culture...

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Not to be Forgotten 0

The Prince of Persia series of the last generation of consoles was one of the most successful and critically acclaimed series to come out during its era and so it was no surprise that Ubisoft would want to somehow continue it on the current generation of consoles. The problem was that there was really no room to continue the story after it was so perfectly tied together with its final chapter.   The solution? An interquel! Thus, we have the Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands . Naturally, th...

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Worst Writers Block Ever 0

  A lot of times nowadays, plot is an afterthought when it comes to making games. It's more about explosions, big guns, and an endless swarm of enemies to mow down. What would happen though if you had a writer as your main character and the plot was the entire premise of the game? You would probably have something along the lines of Remedy Entertainment's newest Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake . Alan Wake follows the title character through his mundane life as he struggles with a horrible case of...

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Wavering Conviction 0

Sam Fisher is back in Splinter Cell: Conviction and not only have the rules of the espionage game changed, but so has the game that players have come to know and love. SPOILER ALERT: If you have not played the previous Splinter Cell games, be warned that there may be references to previous events of the Splinter Cell series. Splinter Cell: Conviction opens up with Sam Fisher sipping a drink in Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean, as he tries to piece back together his life afte...

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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks 0

In honor of the Yankees' home opener this week, I felt it would be fitting to take a look at the premiere baseball series out there. Of course, I am talking about the PS3 exclusive, MLB: The Show, and it's latest edition, MLB 10: The Show. It would have been easy for Sony to sit back, update some rosters, get a new cover athlete, and ship out the best baseball game that is available for purchase on any system, but they had a different idea in mind. Listening to some of their critics and fas...

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Just Chaos 4

 When you think of Square Enix, you think of elaborate, time-consuming RPGs and fantastic worlds where magic and wizardry are more commonplace than traffic at the Holland Tunnel. So when it came down that Square Enix was pairing with Eidos and Avalanche Studios to bring us a sequel to a game that had a lukewarm reception, befuddled to optimistically curious was the range of thoughts for many gamers.Just Cause 2 sees the return of CIA special agent Rico Rodriguez, our protagonist from the first g...

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Hunter, Survivor, Prey 0

Those three words sum up the entire premise behind Sega's latest foray into the mature gaming world as they continue to try to distance themselves from a certain blue rodent. Aliens vs. Predator, the latest addition into a series that has been beaten to death with new iterations of the same name on nearly every system dating back over a decade, returns with what they are claiming is a brand new story, but is really just a rehashed version of the same old one Rebellion Developments and other deve...

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Before anyone starts acting like an escapee from an insane asylum, I have the rights/permission to use these images. Thanks! -RC    When one mentions Sega, the first thing that comes to mind, for most people, is a spiky blue hedgehog. However, Sega has taken steps over the past couple years to let people know there is a lot more to them than our superfast friend. First came Jack in last year's sleeper hit Madworld, with his chainsaw and the game's Sin City style sending gamers into a frenzy. Now...

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The Horseman Cometh 2

Before anyone blows any whistles: all images and other materials are used with permission and/or i have the rights to. Thanks! - RC        Often when something works, and works well, it will have imitators and copycats come out of the woodwork and try to capitalize on the splash made by the original. This is especially true in the media world and in video games. The hottest trend right now is an oldie but goodie: the portrayal of the possibility of a coming apocalypse, an Armageddon. There are ...

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Eat Your Heart Out, John Hammond 0

Before anyone flips out about the images, I have all the rights to all the following content and the review in its entirety is my own original work. I work for ESPNVideoGames so if you see the article in other places, it is because i write and have the right to distribute this to other sites. Enjoy the review. -RC I think every boy growing up in my generation who saw Jurassic Park instantly fell in love with dinosaurs and the idea of "What if they roamed the Earth, today?" We even sat through th...

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