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Daggerfall would pretty much stick it to ya randomly whenever the hell it felt like it

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yay minimalistic black background!

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How about a nice beat 'em up co-op? Check out Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Congrats! Welcome to the Nation of Being Fucked Over By Bethesda! I kid, I kid. It sucks that we may not get the Skyrim DLC though :(. PS3 has been great to me thus far, and I am a pretty avid RPG fan myself. Games that I would recommend to you would have to be... Rainbow Moon if you like strategy RPGs (stuff like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics). I think Rainbow Moon is $15 on the PSN Store. And of course the original Final Fantasy Tactics is available on there as well, listed as a PS1 Classic title.

For other RPGs, well right now I am playing Dragon's Dogma from Capcom (yea, i know! An RPG from Capcom!?). So far it's... different, in good and bad ways IMO, but I'm not that deep into it yet, I'm told it gets better when you're main character isn't such a pussy. Some more of my favs are Uncharted 2 and 3, Dungeon Siege 3, Metal Gear Solid 4.

Have you played any Star Ocean games? you can find Star Ocean: The Last Hope International used copy for dirt cheap and it's worth playing for sure. And I know you said you're not big into shooters (me either) but I HAVE to recommend you check out Borderlands 2 which comes out on Sept. 18. The first Borderlands on PS3 gave me and a couple friends some of our by far best co-op video game experiences in recent memory, and Borderlands 2 looks like its going to be even better. It's much more than a COD/Crysis type of shooting game, you get quests, there are many towns and NPCs and loot loot loot by the truck load.

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If you like JRPGs, you should FOR SURE check out Rainbow Moon. It's on the PSN Store for $15. From your OP it looks like you have near the same tastes in strategy RPGs that i do, except I loved Final Fantasy XII (the Gambits system was kinda like a pseudo-strategy system itself imo). I was a FF Tactics nut for a long time, I played the first Disgaea quite a bit, but I just got sick of the anime style storytelling. I think they're up to #4 in the Disgaea series now, but I've only played the first (not an anime guy, at all).

Here is a link to the Rainbow Moon site --->

I highly recommend it to any SRPG / JRPG fan out there. Best $15.00 I ever spent on PSN.