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@i_stay_puft: Pretty great game but disappointing from my Cleveland fan standpoint. Just one of those games for James at the line and it cost them. Also too much iso stuff with LeBron; fadeaway threes and 20-footers best left in 2008 where they belong.

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"Well, my work is done here."

RIP, good sir

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Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass maybe? Certainly classics, and certainly light-hearted if that's what you're looking for.

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I see you working, WWE. Handshake of mutual respect from Bryan to Reigns, followed by Paul Heyman promo. Did not buy the former, but the latter was pretty damned good.

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Pretty excited to see the Cavs pick up Perkins. Give him 10-15 minutes a night behind Mozgov and let him get rebounds and throw some guys to the floor. He's one of those guys you hate when he's in another uniform, love him when he's in yours.

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Yes. SoM is a solid open world game on its own, and the nemesis system, while maybe not as great as it's been painted by some corners of the Internet, is very fun to mess with.

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Jeff going to Gilbert Gottfried levels of dark humor with the Holocaust joke at 9:25! Is that what Mario Party does to a man? (I realize he wasn't making a direct allusion to the Holocaust, but my point stands!)

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I'm in. Blokamp loves the Alien universe and even mentioned on Twitter how blown away he was by Isolation. I can see him coming up with a weird, off-kilter version of the universe while hopefully bringing back some of the innate terror of Ridley Scott's vision.

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Games are expensive and there's enough choice out there via Steam/GOG sales and the like to put a game like The Order on the back burner until the inevitable price drop arrives.I hate to make this a 'length equals value' proposal, but a 5-hour, cutscene stuffed experience is not worth it for me. And that 's not even bringing om how ordinary The Order looks from a gameplay perspective.

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You're not exactly going out on a limb here, OP. These predictions have been made about The Order since the first gameplay footage came out months ago.

That said, i watched some of that 5-hour guy's playthrough, and I'm definitely lukewarm about what I saw. Whack-a-mole cover shooting against boring NPC humans. This game should have been a free-roaming TPS where you're mostly fighting monsters, not people. Something like Dead Space.