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Not flushing the toilet in a public bathroom after taking a dump should be punishable by death or at least a good caning.

@vonocourt: Hilarious! Maybe I'm a beast in human skin after all, cuz I will use the handicapped stall, too. Don't care about the extra space, but I like it cuz it's usually "out of the way" compared to the other stalls, esp if someone's at the sink or urinals nearby. I'm a weirdo like that about privacy , but I do think of what an asshole I'd be if an actual handicapped person came in and had to wait.

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* Playing original NES as a kid with a group of friends. Good times!

*Goldeneye couch co-op

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Pretty sure Dan already has escaped from an asylum.

Or maybe he's the only sane one among us.


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@hakunin said:

The terrible punning in the sub-title should have tipped you off ;)

On topic, I've probably said it before on this very thread, but first-day purchase of Too Human was a poor decision on my part. It's not even a bad game, really, just stunningly mediocre and boring. Had been looking forward to it for months before buying. Especially painful as it came from Silicon Knights, which made one of my all time faves in Eternal Darkness.

Lately I've bought a couple of games on Steam that I may never play, including Painkiller and State of Decay. Those damn Steam sales are a siren song I cannot resist.

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"Meghn it's difffffferent."

The game sounds neat. Did you people really need a second Sleeping Dogs? I loved that game but I didn't need another one. If they are sticking to the universe at least it's different instead of just dragging out the first game.

I really liked Sleeping Dogs and generally don't play MP games. A current-gen sequel would be an insta-buy for me, as there was plenty of room for improvement over the first game.

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@bigboss1911: What kind of musical torture are you under exactly?

On topic, I'm a huge Queen fan, but I can't listen to We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, which are usually played back-to-back on your typical classic rock station. Beyond cliched and played out at this point, obviously. Queen has so many good deep-cut type tunes that never get airtime. Like this one:

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@therealnelsk: Yes, I should've known better than that. Regardless the download is slow, though not quite as pokey as earlier. Gonna be a few hours, hopefully not overnight.

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Currently downloading my digital copy of the game, and it's running extremely slow. At about 18 percent after starting at 15, and I probably have an average or better internet connection. What the heck is happening? Not seeing anything about Bungie having server issues.

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PSN ID: Duggwin19

Time Zone: Eastern Standard

Just got Destiny, looking for some duders to play with. Since it's just us chickens here I can tell you I have no friends....who play games! Yeah,that's it! So feel free to add me, and let me know you're from GB on the request. Thanks!