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@tromboneman: I disagree, there is a huge difference between massive companies like EA and one guy coding some stuff out of passion at home. If people were already making fantastic mods for free then the prospect of getting paid for them certainly isnt going to make them less passionate about the mods they create.

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Presumably if mod creators start creating mods with the mindset they may make money from it then they potentially may be inclined to make better mods?

Having said that I've never installed a mod in my life so i don't care.

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Would be great if i could get this working for the charity livestream

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I know this isn't a bug exactly, but i cannot find a way to watch live videos on Android devices. I have tried phones, tablets, various browsers and apps and just can't get anything to work. I have had this problem for a long time now and was hoping for a fix.

Note that I'm not bothered about getting chat running, i just want to see the video.

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For anyone that hasn't already, i highly recommend seeing Edge of tomorrow. Its plot borrows from common video game structure in some interesting ways. It's also a great film!

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@sergio: No, i was just pointing out that the game itself was apparently not interesting enough to be worthy of our attention. Just an observation.

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Sounds fun, shame I can never play it due to lack of matchmaking.

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The payment page is unfortunately not Android friendly. I can barely enter my details then my card declines every time