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Would be great if i could get this working for the charity livestream

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I know this isn't a bug exactly, but i cannot find a way to watch live videos on Android devices. I have tried phones, tablets, various browsers and apps and just can't get anything to work. I have had this problem for a long time now and was hoping for a fix.

Note that I'm not bothered about getting chat running, i just want to see the video.

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For anyone that hasn't already, i highly recommend seeing Edge of tomorrow. Its plot borrows from common video game structure in some interesting ways. It's also a great film!

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@sergio: No, i was just pointing out that the game itself was apparently not interesting enough to be worthy of our attention. Just an observation.

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Sounds fun, shame I can never play it due to lack of matchmaking.

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The payment page is unfortunately not Android friendly. I can barely enter my details then my card declines every time

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@froggeh: dont suppose there is a video clip of that moment is there? Im nit premium :(

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@forkboy: ive never had much luck with the twitch app. Giantbomb doesn't ever show up even when they are live