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@forkboy: ive never had much luck with the twitch app. Giantbomb doesn't ever show up even when they are live

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Ive tried 3 different browsers and the twitch app but nodice. Any ideas?

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Call it whatever you like, film it and they will come!

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Sorry for the late reply folks. Turned out it was my controller causing the problems! I was using a 360 pad through a wireless adapter but when I switched to mouse the game ran fine!

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Its virtually unplayable on the lowest setting and I have no idea why! Im running it on a laptop with an i3 and a GTX460m that can run Skyrim and the Witcher 2 quite easily on medium-high.

Any ideas?

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Just joined the PS3 overflow crew

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That's a coincidence, I'm behind on my bombcasts and just listened to the one where they tear this movie apart today

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Great Director but more importantly, he is David Bowie's son!

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Randomly got an email today from GB support saying they refunded the amount and canceled my premium account. I had actually completely forgotten about the wholse issue! Nice to know refunds are possible though.

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I just want to thank everyone again for their generous help and well wishes. Though my situation ended up solving itself, I can't help but worry for those that could find themselves in a similar state to what I did. It's not uncommon to receive poor customer service from websites but it almost seems like it non-existent on GB in its current state. Not only is it worrying from on a customer standpoint, but I'm fairly concerned that they could be breaching certain consumer laws (at least in the UK) which dictates how things like this has be be handled.