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Good question, and I had to think about it. I immediately thought of the Airport scene in MW2. I think the devs were trying too hard to shock. Even if they were making a statement of some kind, or attempting to make the player engage in some kind of self-exploration, it fell completely flat. Was it patently offensive to me? No. I think it was just poor judgment.

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I was dying for the 360 to come out when that launched, and even though I couldn't get one right at launch, I was still an early adopter. Unfortunately for me, that meant I got into the horrible RRoD cycle (I had 4). Long story short: my previous experience, plus the attached Kinect mean that I will be waiting to see how the early launches pan out for both Sony and MS before I take the plunge into next gen.

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Spent way too much time and money on Rock Band(s), but loved 'em all. Those games are probably some of the most fun I've ever had playing video games. Definitely "getting the band back together" to mourn the end of DLC.

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Still follow @michaeljnelson on twitter and love rifftrax. Mike also had a big part writing Joel episodes of Mst3k so he's great for that too. I've just always enjoyed the mike episodes, though I think one of my faves (Mitchell) was a Joel joint.

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Hey, anyone out there had any experience buying an LCD projector on Craigslist? Is it a good idea/bad idea? It wouldn't be my primary viewing screen, but I've borrowed a few and really enjoyed it. I know there are unknown variables (such as remaining bulb life), but I want to know if other GB users have found the benefits worth the risk.

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MW3 was the first one to make me ask myself that question. Between cod 4 and blops it was always the multiplayer: shooting new weapons and trying new perks/kill streak rewards but MW3 really made the repetitiveness hit home. Blops 2 may rock but I'm going to take some convincing to pick it up.

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I enjoyed this game more than WoW, believe it or not, but realized a few months in that I no longer had any interest in playing MMOs. Too bad; there were story hooks I was interested in, but just didn't want to pay to grind through the filler to get there.

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Oh, man, RSC was so awesome! I'm not really well versed in Rally games, but I've really enjoyed the Dirt series. I've only played Dirt and Dirt 2 (Dirt 2 was on the PC). I don't know of a better rally series on the xbox, and I think it strikes a good balance between sim and arcade.

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@nightcrawler I don't deny for a second that games are skillfully made. They employ artists by the thousands and yes they are artful. But there is more to art than aesthetics and design. I'm curious to know which games evoked feelings in you since that's more what I'm thinking of as art. Not that it matters. Look I seriously love games. All I was trying to do was put them in perspective as a medium largely designed for entertainment. If they do more than that for you, awesome.

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Thanks for the critique. Yeah, you're not the first to say my writing is all over the place. But to answer your question: no. No, I have not.