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My wife says that the land-speeder the girl is riding looks like a pudding pop. Can't unsee!

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I had given the Call of Duty franchise a pass since MW 3's joyless slog of a campaign left me feeling angry at the entire genre. But positive reviews of the latest somehow got me back in for more. On the other hand, I finished Assassin's Creed brotherhood awhile ago with a smile on my face, yet couldn't bring myself to finish revelations or even give a single care about Ass Creed 4. Is there a genre or franchise that you abandoned years ago only to be lured back recently? Or perhaps one that you loved before but have completely burned out on? Just curious!

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Another vote for sunset. This is getting easier. Also saw that target has 2x game trade-ins this week only (with buy 2 get 3 next week). Advantage: Milhouse!

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Hearing a lot of Sunset Overdrive, which is kinda confirming my thoughts. I would say that halo and forza will probably happen eventually. I'm surprised that COD even made it onto my list since I was actually angry at the end of MW3 and all but swore off the series. It would take something special to get me back into Ass Creed. They're not bad games, I just hit a profound wall with that kind of game after Brotherhood.

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@liquidprince: yeah assassins creed looks good but I totally hit a wall with that franchise.

And what?! Geo Wars 3?! Sweet! I lost the geo wars to the rhomboids, triangles and Circles, but am eager to take my vengeance.

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Ooh that target deal sounds like just the ticket. A good way to get all four games on my list. But will it be better than Black Friday deals....also @csl316 I think digital sales have to be higher this gen given the investment. Also I'm not going to lie: I'm more likely to load a game in a session if I don't have to get up and swap disks. Sad but true.

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@xyzygy: yeah that's my inclination. Plus giving a little extra support to a new IP. But still thinking about it...

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So, I am bored and thought I would get community's opinion on what they think is the best game for the money these days. Thing is: I have some MS credits burning a hole in my pocket, and there are a lot of games for the XB1 I am really interested in getting this month. This is essentially a "what game should I get" post.

1. Halo Master Chief Edition. I played all Halos on previous consoles and loved them, but it's familiar ground, ya know?

2. Forza Horizon 2. I played the crap out of FH1, but I expect this title to be heavily discounted come Black Friday. I base that entirely on how I picked up FH1, which was $20 or $25 I think at MS store on Black Friday the month after it's release.

3. Sunset Overdrive. This one seems very promising and new, but again, something tells me it will see big discounts on Black Friday.

4. COD: Advanced Warfare. I've not played any CODs after MW3, which left a horrible taste in my mouth. But getting tempted to re-enter the fray after some good reviews.

Did I forget anything? Any other predictions for Black Friday deals?

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Solid mechanics kept me coming back (I don't care about loot too much, though Destiny's loot does hold some enticement in this regard), but the overall story was completely useless and the ending highly unsatisfactory (think Halo 2).

Unless you have friends who are really into it, there are certainly many other better games to get these days.

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Good question, and I had to think about it. I immediately thought of the Airport scene in MW2. I think the devs were trying too hard to shock. Even if they were making a statement of some kind, or attempting to make the player engage in some kind of self-exploration, it fell completely flat. Was it patently offensive to me? No. I think it was just poor judgment.