Will Shooters ever improve?

I have played many games in my life,and im starting to get sick of them as times goes by[yes im growing up]. Many games seem to have Similar Gameplay. I sure talk about one Genre that the games feel VERY SIMILAR.

Shooter.......Hmm...,a genre for kids who like to hold a armed weapon Legally.... Now from the years of genre, The only improvement to the average shooting game, is the graphic.But as time goes by, You see that Graphic improves so much that it cant improve much.

Yes for some shooting games,like the Halo 1-3 Series,It has quite a nifty story,or Bioshock, with a extremely good story. Now the question is,will Shooters Ever improve?From what i see, Its just shooting a different enemy but with the same idealogy of Armed Weapons.it gets real boring.

Now,the only way shooters can improve,is to add more gameplay factors to it,rather than just shooting,add in some tactics,or a squad-based shooter? This are just my ideas..


School Ushering

So yea,I had my school openhouse,it was Painful,but fun...i had to work for 7 hours of ushering,it aint easy,but man....i enjoyed talking to the parents.....Anyway,i got my Mk vs DC,I havent done My Fable 2 review....im gonna work on it soon,then im gonna finish up the rest of my  MK VS DC and write a review.....im late,


Ubisoft Bought Over Massive Entertainment

Its kinda weird that Active Blizzard sold  away Massive Entertainment. But now Ubisoft owns it, and do you think it will affect much? Since we know Massive Entertainment leaves,we know that World in Conflict :Soviet Assault Is definatedly on its way,unless Ubisoft decides to cancel it that is. Any thoughts? i think life will go on as normal besides the mystery of Why would active blizzard sell Massive entertainment


Halo Wars announced,anyone interested?

If you noticed the Limited Edition,its looks rather good.

Halo wars is hitting stores in Feb 2009.

Limited edition includes :
"upcoming Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack add-on of three new multiplayer levels, an extra in-game vehicle (the Honor Guard Wraith), six cards describing the game's leaders, a "Spirit of Fire" crewmember patch, and the Halo Wars: Genesis graphic novel. Featuring the talents of Phil Noto, Graeme Devine, and Eric Nylund, the graphic novel tells the story of one of the earliest confrontations between humankind and the alien Covenant. Those who preorder either version of the game at select retailers will also receive a code for a downloadable in-game Warthog vehicle sporting flame decals. " -Gamespot

Im excited slightly,the Ingame items sounds cool,and heres a picture of the set

Halo War Limited Edition

Tom Clancy's End War First Impression

I had my First Go on TCEW,I expected the voice command to be rather bad,but after trying the voice command,it is rather good. TCEW is an Real-time Tactical game [like World in conflict] , Where you deploy units and try to eleminate the opponent,the grahpic for the game is rather good,the camera zooms in on the unit and it has a rather high looking. The Voice command is what i least expected the most,it can understand almost everyword you say. You do get hiccups once in awhile [my game always have hiccup over delta]

I made this video,its quite poor quality i agree,and its shaky,im using a crappy 8 years old TV,and its 75 degrees facing up,so my hand is strained ,sorry. I will do my videos at my Plasma TV next time.This video shows my sister having trouble over it,lol,shes not much of a gamer.