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You should do a kickstarter for posters and shirts of this. Awesome stuff :)

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hey guys just a question, I noticed in the Ninja timeline page that there is a hidden chapter of sort after the ending. anyone knows how to unlock it?

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<p>I am not much of a naruto fan but I got the game for the PS3. As far as i can tell, its been a pretty awesome game so far. Totally enjoying it. Btw, does anyone know how to turn naruto into nine tail?</p>

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I Read the main 6 books. I personally liked the Fall of reach,and First strike. Fall of reach is the story before Halo. and First Strike is the bridge between Halo 1 and Halo 2.
The Flood was a little bit meh for me..
The other 3 books [contact harvest, Ghost of onyx, Core protocol] are interesting side-stories that expands the universe. 

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Needs to master the art of Time Management.
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AOE 4-Industrial age?modern age?perhaps there,but it wont be like age of empire anymore,its too modern....

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Dude,get a Chuck Norris in

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Its old,but for 10 bucks....Totall worth the purchase,Great game