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So, exactly why is the school on lockdown? Is it a serious matter?

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She's a beautiful woman.

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DJ_Lae said:
I usually keep my starting party, which is a decision most games reinforce by making characters on the side earn ... [more]
You gotta make that main character a pimp, don't cha?
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cinemandrew said:
I usually spend the entire game trying to level everyone up equally. I'm addicted to leveling up. It's a curse.

That's why I prefer games to be like Vesperia and level the whole group up at the same time.
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Eelcire said:
lordofultima said: @Eelcire: I HATE switching out characters just to grind out levels, I generally have a set party as ... [more]
lol, I was just thinking the same exact thing!
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Eelcire said:
Depends on how the leveling system works for the RPG. Recent games like Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia has ... [more]
Actually, I'm currently working through Vesperia as well and all characters gain EXP whether they're in the fighting party or not, so it'll balance itself.
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In most Role Playing Games, a player starts out with a certain party and ends up gaining new allies as they progress through the game. Are you the type to keep the old or switch them out for new allies?

I know for me, I usually keep the old. It's just how I am. My ending Final Fantasy VII party was Cloud, Tifa, and Barret and as I'm currently playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, my party remains Edge, Reimi, Lymle and Arumat (only because the green-haired guy left).

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Wow, I swear to God, I saw this topic the minute after I saw it on the news.

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I don't think achievements or trophies should be created that require you to play online with somebody. One day somebody's going to get a game three years or so after it releases and is going to expect to get all the achievements, but little do they know, the game's achievements are based on the game's online mode, leaving them suffering because there are 0 gamers playing online.

='[ Tragic story.

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Cross Edge does have an interesting look to it. I'm looking forward to giving it a spin myself.