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This is awesome if true.
On a side note, Gearbox announced the 4th DLC for Borderlands today.

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It's an amazing game, but the price is a bit steep for its length. You can beat the game in a good four hours or so. Perhaps $10 would've suited better?

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Add Tales of Graces F to Tales of Graces. Tales of Graces F is the enhanced PS3 port - however, all the details are listed under a separate H2 in the Tales of Graces page.

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No TNT here.
TBS all the way.

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@ch13696 said:
" Done and done. I'm playing Tales of Hearts right now on the DS. It's hard to catch onto the story since it's in Japanese. They should at least port it to Europe so we can get an english translation. "

I wouldn't be able to do that with an RPG. I need to know the story.
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@JacDG said:
" @Stunt said:
" @JacDG:  I beat it twice. I NEED those PS3 additions. And those two new Tales! "
Twice? Man, I started a second playthrough on hard and only got to Flynn before I sold it. It's certainly one of my favorite games this generation, and it was my first Tales game so I want some new ones on the Next-generation consoles!!! "
I hear you. 
That's what we're doing now. Telling Namco Bandai we want it.
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Has anybody here played Graces? Is it any good? The PS3 version has a completely new story attached after the end. I'm looking forward to it, but want to know what the general audience who actually played and understood the Japanese version of the game thought about it.

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Look, it's a weird-looking version of LittleBigPlanet.

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@JacDG:  I beat it twice. I NEED those PS3 additions. And those two new Tales!
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*gets newspaper*