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Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
So, I've never actually played Rogue Galaxy till just yesterday. My brother went to GameStop to pick up a good RPG and came to me with it, so I started my own file on his game (though I don't actually own it, since he doesn't live with me). I'm thinking about getting it off eBay now though to continue my playthrough, but so far I'm impressed.

I just finished the Departure chapter and am on the ship with Steve and Simon and company. It was pretty funny though, the beginning of the game reminded me of a sped up version of Kingdom Hearts. They see the boy with the Galactic Sword (keyblade) and know he's the one, then Simon and Steve (small and chubby = Donald, tall and skinny = Goofy) join you, fight with you and take you to their Space Ship (Gummi Ship). Anyone else see the comparison?

Anyway, I'm really liking the game so far and I'm actually inviting my brother over today just so I can get in some more of the game. What're everyone else's thoughts on the game?
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If you have a PlayStation 3, Xam'd: Lost Memories is really good. However, it'll cost you like two bucks to watch each episode, but hey you get to keep them.

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I like to go with boxed copy. I like owning a physical version of my game, not just as a backup, but if it it turns  out to be a legendary game, like Final Fantasy VII, you'll want to have a boxed copy on hand if you're that big a fan of the game. I like displaying my games as well, so yeah.


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@EpicSteve said:
" Same with me, unannounced Blizzard game. Or are we literally talking about unannounced games? Then I'll go for the Giantbomb video game. The four-player beat-em-up were the Bomb crew has their office orbiting the Earth, they get a distress call from Earth saying Mecha-Hitler has returned and is destroying hip-hop as we know it. It's launch title for the PS4.  "
No, realistic things. =]
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My guess is either Mass Effect or Left 4 Dead 2.

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Some of my most anticipated games for the coming years have not even been announced, but an announcement is bound to happen at sometime. I'm waiting for the following to be announced, and these probably have me more excited than some of the biggest games this year.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts is probably in my top five for my favorite PlayStation 2 games. Whoever thought the combination of Square Enix and Disney characters can result in such an epic story and excellent role-playing game.

Persona 5

Once again, both Persona 3 (+ FES) and Persona 4 are in my top five PlayStation 2 games. Atlus must announce a freaking Persona 5, which will probably hit next-generation console(s), and it should go into even greater depths than the previous games.

Fallout 4 (Japan)

I know this will probably never happen, since the Japanese will probably be pissed at Bethesda considering Hiroshima and everything, but how awesome would it be to play the next Fallout game in a post-apocalyptic Japan with Akihabara accessible, Shinjuku, the whole nine yards? I think it would be very, very awesome.

So what are your most anticipated unannounced games? Go ahead, share.
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It sucks that you have to delete your save. But what can you do? I'll gladly beat the game again, though. =]

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I really like the look of Windows 7. I've been using it for the past two-ish weeks and it's really been treating me well.


Wait, this isn't eBay....

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DUDE, I totally know what you mean!

I'm at the mission right now where you have to protect that truck that's shooting blood gas, or whatever the hell it is (I'm not following the story to tell the truth, I borrowed the game from a friend and just want to beat it for the action), and those freaking big ass hunters keep spawning and spawning and I can keep Alex on high health but they always freakin' destroy that truck I'm supposed to be protecting.

Damn Radical.

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I'm still trying to get the artbook copy on eBay. I have Persona 4 but I want a sealed one just to keep on the side.